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The Global Veterans Alliance's mission is to ensure the freedom our forbearers and colleagues fought, died and suffered for is protected for this and future generations. The GVA will do this by lawful, peaceful and original means such as public relations exercises and unique gatherings and organising media exposure.

We will be supporting individuals to exercise their legal rights. In order to do this, we are looking at various providers of online and classroom based training and material to provide the necessary common law courses that individuals will require going forward. These providers are being selected at the moment and require funding to initially provide tutors and packages. Obviously going forward we will hopefully be able to get people to the required level within the GVA which can then cascade training throughout the organisation. We aim to be the class leader in common law training within the next 12 months.

It is vital that our members understand their important role in the unseen 'spiritual battle' that is taking place. In a spiritual battle, a person is seeking an alternative to the mainstream. They understand that they are different in their views in many ways and question the narrative. The spiritual battle is often not understood by many. Media has led people to see things in black and white in many ways. The spiritual battle is another path to understanding what is happening right now and how best to deal with it. The spiritual battle is always peaceful and always empowering. In order to achieve this we will introduce bespoke training packages that are delivered online and overseen by our senior members. Obviously, as constructing and delivering these courses will take a significant amount of time we will need to financially compensate our instructors.

Getting an organisation - especially an international one - off the ground is labour intensive and the Global Veterans Alliance is no different. Some of our members have contributed an incredible amount of unpaid time to our launch and obviously this is not sustainable long-term as we all have other commitments such as careers and family to support. While the GVA will always be a not-for-profit organisation, it still needs to function and your kind contributions will help drive us forward and with the quality of operation needed to achieve our aims.

Your thoughtful donations will be spent on supplies - such as banners and leaflets - and media equipment for our videos and communications, website design and maintenance, social media management, online subscriptions like domain name rentals and live-streaming packages, travel costs for staff and a tokenistic compensation for loss of earnings. 

A large proportion of any funding will go towards training and associated  materials. It may require bespoke training packages in some scenarios. All of the above criteria - i.e. website design and social media management etc - will require additional skills and cannot be managed alone. We do have dedicated members (ex forces and civilian) who are working long and hard to keep this running. Inevitably they require resources and in some cases subscriptions to access information and help in managing the different platforms and media. The bigger this becomes, the more funding is required.

For example, since the high profile gathering in London on Saturday 30th October we have seen our members almost double and huge uptake from the US and Australia. That is just the beginning. We are optimistic this trend will continue on its current plain. Another area we are looking at involves branded clothing which will be used by civilian and ex forces members when attending public events. We as ex servicemen pride ourselves on our appearance and the civilian members will need to be dressed appropriately to uphold our standards. 

On behalf of the GVA and this and future generations, a heartfelt thank you.

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