Since April 2021 we have done over 200 street gigs all across the UK; from Norfolk to Edinburgh, Cornwall and almost everywhere in between. Its all been done in our Car (Trusty Citroen Picasso aka shed on wheels).  We've had our moments of breaking down as everyone does, but the past few months the car has literally been falling apart.

The gear plus us 2, our roadie and all of our stuff has taken its toll, it was designed for small families not touring punk bands! And it's now time for us to upgrade to a better vehicle (van or a larger car). Which will make it far easier to continue doing what we do, plus a faster set up time means longer before the police arrive.
In 2020 Jake started to teach Sophie how to play drums, we practiced at home and once things opened up a bit we did a couple of gigs at our local skatepark. In the winter we all went back into lockdown so we home recorded our EP "Thought Crimes" and released it in April 2021. This is when we committed full time to Glitchers, and what an adventure it has been.
Our goal was to bring a bit of fun & entertainment in a time when nothing but shops were allowed to open. We've been all over the country, played to some huge crowds in the big cities. But actually had a lot more fun playing the small tory towns! (pissing off them off whilst you watch us not give a fuck Ha!)
And lets not forget the after party gigs which have almost got arrested on a few occasions...

We've managed to survive travelling almost non stop, playing 2 gigs a day on average 4/5 days a week since April 2021. All of this has been done because of your donations. As you know we do EVERYTHING for donations, all of our merch is "Pay what you feel" allowing everyone access to a bit of Punk. The merch is also made from recycled or 2nd hand/donated stuff so its better for the planet, we love charity shops as you'll soon tell when you see the our merch.

We are so incredibly grateful for so many of you believing in us! Literally every penny that has been donated has gone back into Glitchers; lots on fuel, but also leads, sticks, megaphones, merch etc, the occasional hotel/airbnb when we really can't find anyone to crash with & obviously food so we don't die haha. There are no major donors financing Glitchers. (Stringjoy kindly send us free strings & Blackstar fix Jakes amp for free when it breaks, that's our only sponsors) Everything has been because of you all together. 

We like to be honest & transparent with everything we do, there are no labels or management. It's just us 2 & our friend turned roadie.  Oh and all of you too!

It cost's a fair amount travelling the country doing this almost non stop, and as you can tell neither of us are millionaires
There hasn't ever been much left over for us to put aside to save for a new vehicle so if you are able to help us in purchasing a vehicle (a van or a bigger car) in any amount, then please do and know we love you all so much!!

If you happen to know someone with a van that can help drop us a message on our social media.

Glitchers is only causing havoc across the country because of you. We have some mental stuff planned for this year, if you thought Downing Street & the Heavy Music Awards were good just you wait...

*anyone who donates will get to hear some of the tracks from the next EP before the release. All names will be written on a wall in the vehicle too*

(All of the donations will be spent on purchasing & modifying a vehicle to tour with. If there is anything left over, this will be put into a pot for fuel. Receipts for everything will be kept, transparency is important)
  • Kurt Howard 
    • £100 
    • 2 mos
  • George Stevens 
    • £10 
    • 3 mos
  • Tracy Watts 
    • £10 
    • 3 mos
  • John Kay 
    • £20 
    • 3 mos
  • Benjamin Beech 
    • £10 
    • 3 mos
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