Giving: Food 4 Thought

"The earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed" - Mahatma Gandhi

Have you EVER been down on your luck?
If so, I hope you know what it feels like when someone reaches out and lends you a helping hand.

Shalom! My name is Tania and I am dedicating the THE MONTHS of SEPTEMBER, NOVEMBER and DECEMBER to aparigraha (greedlessness) and helping to uplift the spirit of others by providing food to help them in their time of need.

Please donate here or message me to purchase a below-retail-price Lifecykel Homegrown Coffe Oyster Mushroom box (RRP >$25) for $25, with $10 of your donation going to support this fundraiser.

Here's two small projects for the Hungry & Homeless that you can help me support THIS 'SoulFood September' and November aka 'MUSH-vember' and 'Hand-Me-Down December':

Before attending The Jeevan School none of the children from the slums of Samne ghat were attending school at any level and all were suffering from various levels of malnourishment, some quite severe. The school and hostel works with street children living in the Holy City of Varanasi, offering them a home, nutrition and a safe place to live and learn.

The Day Centre at St Patrick’s provides free daily breakfasts and subsidised lunches for Fremantle's homeless and in need. For many of our local poor and underprivileged this single meal represents their only sustenance for the day. Having visited the centre and seen the uplifting feelings surrounding the giving and receiving at this charity organisation, I can confidently say, helping provide for humanity's needs in our local community is some of the most important work we can do in our lives. This organisation provides a sense of belonging for people who are, for a variety of reasons, down on their luck and short on a dollar. 

Both organizations rely on public donations to continue their service to help alleviate hunger. They need your help!

My goal is to raise $2,400 by the end of December

1) Provide 30 day's worth of school lunches for the Jeevan School of Life  'School Lunches Program' (SCOOP Australia ) in Varanasi, India. It costs around $40 AUD a day to feed 130 children from the slums and their 20 teachers. I hope to raise enough to fund 30 days of food to help the Jeevan School children. Such a little can go a long way to helping improve these kids' lives. 

Could you spare one meal out ($25) if it meant you could help 100 people have a better day? That's Food for Thought. I hope to raise $1,200 AUD for the Jeevan School by 30 November 2017.

"Charity begins at home".
2) Provide assistance to Fremantle's hungry and homeless by raising $1,200 for the St. Patrick's Community Support Centre. St. Pat's Day Centre Day provides free daily breakfasts and subsidised lunches for Fremantle's underprivileged. For many of us, our priorities centre on our family life, house, friends, sport and the next holiday destination – The priorities for a homeless person are simply: where will I be safe tonight and where will I find my next meal? I hope to raise $1,200 AUD for St. Patrick's Day Centre to provide meals for the homeless by 31 December 2017.

"An ounce of practise is worth more than tons of preaching" - Mahatma Gandhi

MY PLEDGE is to practise aparigraha (greedlessness) for the entire months of September, November and December.
I commited to eating no meals other than a single simple meal of brown rice and broccoli during September while spending no money on food or drink for the entire month.
In November I commited to eating no meals out and consuming a single simple meal of:
-one bowl of rice and
-one bowl of mushrooms & microgreens 
every day for the 30 days of November
I commit to completing my fundraising in December by 31 December, practising aparigraha and sharing the value of a well-intended hand-me-down during this time of vapid consumerism in the West.

THE FEAR to live without the choice to eat well, even for just one month, IS NOTHING when you consider what these kids living in the slums of India or our local homeless people have to face - daily . I hope I can show grace in my practise and share with you what a beautiful thing it can be to lose yourself in the service of others.

To learn more about either the Jeevan School of Life or St. Pat's Community Support Centre following these links:


Thank you so much for listening to my story.
With undying love and gratitude for your compassion,

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Tania Douthwaite 
Kelburn, NZ