Gift of life Kidney Transplant

Danya Terry is able to give her sister Krista Scott the gift of life through giving her one of her kidneys. They have to be in Colorado for six weeks. They have tried finding somewhere to hook up a camper that was offered to them to borrow for that time without any luck of finding somewhere to put it anywhere close to the Hospital. They are going to need to stay in hotels which is going to be expensive. These girls have families to help care for and the expense of a hotel and living six hours from home for that long is so much. Let's help them and try to relieve some of this burden.

Their Story....

For anyone who would like a full story of Our Families Journey here it goes....

My name is Krista Scott I am 29 Years old and I am preparing for a Kidney Transplant.

My journey with Chronic Kidney disease started the day I was born, with out us knowing. At a young age I started getting utis before I could walk, my mom was hauling me to the doctors at least four times a year to be treated. They would give us medicine and send us on our way. I had accidents daily until I was 5 years old, then it became only at night until the age 9. However none of the doctors seemed to think this was an issue or problem. So we did'nt either.

In 1997 at the age of 9 we finally were about to get some unexpected answers. It was just like any other day and I was outside doing my daily chores which included making my horse's grain and feeding them. While mixing the grain our dog decided to be nosey and was seeing what I was doing, he had his head in the grain bucket which made our horse mad and he pawed at him and when his hoof came back down it connected with my right shoulder. We thought he had broke it and my mom rushed me to the hospital. After numerous different test and X-rays, a bone tumor was discovered in my right tibula which think fully was benign and abnormalities in my kidneys. They had told us that the bone tumor was at a very large size and needed to be removed ASAP. With in the month we were at the Primary Care Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah gettting the tumor removed. After we made it home and I was on the mend from the Surgery. We started doctoring monthly for my kidney's with the urologist. It was at this time that I was diagnosed with Hydronephrosis and a bladder disease. During these visit's we discovered that I was going to need to have reconstructive bladder surgery, and eventually need a Kidney Transplant. In 1999 I prepared for reconstructive bladder surgery in Casper Wyoming at the Wyoming Medical Center. The surgery went well and while it helped it did not completley fix the problem and I was still dealing with Chronic Kidney Disease.

I recovered from surgery and over the next 18 years I have been to many doctors and many different medications, due to the bladder disease and kidney disease I have been self cathetering since the age of 9. Something no 9 year old should have to learn to do. I have been to the Mayo Clinic twice, the Billings Clinics several times, to try to find answers. They all came back with the same conclusion, there was nothing they or we could do to cure it or reverse it. My destination had been decided for me and it was to live with Chronic Kidney Disease, all while this at times was hard I always stayed positive and never let it take the joy out of things. I was on up to 12 medications a day to try to stay stable and keep any infections away, from the age 9 I have been on antibiotics everyday of my life. Due to the constant antibiotics it has destroyed my immune system, every cold or flu I was bound to catch. Anything and Everything going around was thrown at me full force. At the age of 14 I made National Finals Rodeo in Farmington, New Mexico while there I contracted West Nile Virus. When we arrived home I missed the first 2 months of school from being sick, I was in and out of the hospital trying to stay stable. I was so sick that I had to be home schooled so I would not fall behind. Over the course of the years I would get random cold's all year long and the flu once every couple of months. I continued to see a specialist to monitor my Kidney Function and keep up with medications, and change them as needed. When I was 21 I fell very ill and was rushed to the emergency room, after running test after test I was diagnosed with the Swine Flu. I was bed ridden and could not take care of myself, I could not eat or drink anything, I slept for hours upon hours. I spiked a fever that soon would send me back to the hospital after I lost my vision. The doctors could not figure out why I was losing my vision and sent me to the Optometrist. I had severe optic nerve damage and was referred to a neurologist. I was seen by a neurologist out of Casper, and several more tests were ran. I was then diagnosed with Idiopathic intracranial hypertension. A benign brain tumor, due to the high fever and straining from throwing up it caused pressure and fluid to build around my brain and pushed on my optic nerves damaging them. I had to have monthly visits with the optomitrist and now wear glasses full time and have lost 80% of my peripheral vision. All while still seeing my nephrologist to keep my kidneys stable.

I have lived my whole life with Kidney Disease and haven't had the opportunity to know what it feels like to live a healthy life. With Kidney Disease comes many many symptons. I have thrown up daily sometimes more depending on the day, for as long as I can remember my mom says since I was about 2, my Kidneys can't filter out the excess waste and so it comes out by being thrown up. It comes with naseua, weight gain,swelling of the hands and feet itching, numbness, heartburn, acid reflux, and severe exhaustion, and a strict diet. No swimming, no hot tubs, no baths.

In 2014 my nephrologist had told me it was time to start the process for a Kidney Transplant, I was so nervous yet so excited to get the opportunity to maybe be able to start to be healthy again, what they dont tell you is the process takes years and can be very stressful and exhausting. I started by calling and setting up an appointment and meeting with the transplant team. We started by going over what a transplant is and what it entails and the different options. Then I met several of the doctors and team members, from the surgeon to the social worker, there are about 7 people that make up a Transplant team. I went through testing and information for what I needed to do to be on the "active list". I was to do monthly blood draws to check my antibodies. All while I was having doctor appointments in Gillette every three months to check my kidney funtion. Once placed on the active list it can take up to 6 years to be called to be a canidate for a transplant. Once we had all the information and got home. I immediatly was overwhelmed with family and friends that asked if they could be tested to be a living donor. My sister happens to be one of them that stepped up right away and said, "me I know I am a match I was meant to do this, I want to get tested." She called and set up an appointment and was scheduled to meet with the Transplant team. She went through several test's and lots and lots of questions and possiblys and risks. They called her and told her she was a perfect match! This was great news we were so excited, how blessed were we that she stepped up got tested and was a match. We thought it was going to be smooth sailing from there... we were wrong it was not easy or smooth. We ended up switching from one hospital to another due to some unproffesional issues the hospital was going through, we felt it was best to leave the situation and seek somewhere else that would better fit us. We transferred to the University of Colorado and they have been nothing short of amazing and accommodating. Due to switching we both had to go through all of our test again and meet with our new teams, I have my own team of 7, and she has her own team of 7. There are of course certain requirements to be a recipient for a transplant and to be a donor. Anywhere from who is staying with you during surgery, who is going to take care of you after surgery, who is going to drive you to your 4 appointments a week, how are you going to have the funds to travel, and pay for lodging. All of this we have been trying to figure out, making up schedules for who can come at what time, who can drive in Denver traffic, who can afford to take time off work, where are we going to stay, what fundraisers can we do, how can we earn some extra money to make it. We will be staying in Denver for up to 6 weeks depending on healing process, and then traveling back to denver once a week for 12 weeks. All these things we have known we needed to get in order, just weren't sure how soon it would be.

In the summer of 2016 I was informed that I would need to prepare for Dialysis and in order for it I would need AV Fistula Surgery. With in a week I was in Rapid City, South Dakota having surgery to prepare incase I needed an easy access for dialysis. Through out the fall my levels were stable and everything was going good. In January I had a doctors appointment and my levels were checked and was told I was stable and he would see me in 3 months. My April appointment came and I was told that I was a little elevated however I was stable and enjoy the spring and he would see me in a few months, unless I needed anything. I was still doing my monthly labs and he was getting my results and would call with any medication changes or elevated levels. The first week of June I got a call saying my labs were back and they did not look good. My levels are very low my function is at 10% and I need a transplant now or I must start Dialysis. I called my mom and sister and told them the phone call I just got. My sister immediatley called her team explained what was going on and said what can we do, we have to get this done ASAP. Her team said we need to see you right away to go over some last minute testing. Her testing came back and everything is great to go. Her team is meeting on 6/22 Thursday to meet and discuss a date to move forward with the Transplant. They have said that it could be as early as July 1st. So here we are not far away and trying to put everything together and getting ready to go embark on this new journey!!

Thank you for your time,

Krista Scott
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