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My name is Tricia Frilling. I am starting this campaign hoping to regain my life, along with the lives of my pets, Chief, Johnny and Frank.

In the beginning of September 2016 I received a head injury at work. For their sake and mine, I will not include the business’s name, but it is a very popular nationwide chain. Since that day, my whole life has been a battle to keep my head above water, as I continue to suffer from severe vertigo, dizziness, hearing loss in my left ear, constant blurry vision and increased migraines. I have been to countless doctor appointments, and have been in physical therapy since; I even had to relearn to walk. It felt like I was retraining my brain from scratch—there were so many things I took for granted, or hadn’t even thought about before the injury.

Lucky for me, I have an amazing fiancé that helped me with physical therapy. He was literally my cane; I held onto him 24/7. I started getting depressed because I wasn't physically capable of walking my German Shepherd, Chief. The extreme and unpredictable dizziness made it so I couldn’t even play with him without the fear of falling. Johnny (my little black beauty) was the one that helped me get out of my depression. He is the most amazing cat I have ever met.

I have made some improvements over the past year, practicing my physical therapy exercises, adjusting to my limitations, etc. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to work through the fatigue, migraines, blurry vision, inability to focus, and dizziness enough to work. I’ve tried several different types of working activity, and I will be working with the state to receive job training that will hopefully help me find a job I’m capable of doing. I don’t know when or if this will improve, but in the meantime I’m frustrated and constantly reminded of my limitations. So many things trigger my dizziness: moving too quickly, objects coming at me from certain directions, bending over, even simple movements like turning around. For almost a year now, several times a day I suddenly feel as if I am on a boat; everything around me spins, and I’m praying my fiancé will notice or I will find a steady object to secure myself before I fall.

Despite my condition, which seems to be post-concussion syndrome, and possibly an injury to the back part of my brain, the business’s insurance company (also very well-known) has decided that I am perfectly fine. This means I have lost my last bit of income after losing my worker’s compensation. I found out my benefits were cancelled after a nine (yes, nine) hour appointment with insurance company’s own clinic. I was warned about this by my attorney and she was right. I talked to a “doctor,” whose job is to find reasons for the company to deny worker’s compensation claims. He decided I was simply psychosomatic, that I enjoy making up diseases and going to the doctor.

My lawyer will be filing an appeal, but she’s said it can take up to a year to make any progress. So until that day comes, I am making nothing. I will also be filing for disability, which is known to be an even longer process than filing an appeal. Most people are denied their first time applying, and have to provide report after report; usually it’s two years until you are finally approved or denied.

I love my pets more than anything in the whole world. I don’t want to lose them, or my home, waiting on everyone to make decisions for someone who can barely walk. If I lost my pets I would be more than devastated. I literally can’t imagine what would happen to me without them. My fiancé’s income isn’t going to support all of us, so we are hoping for a miracle.

The quickest way to humility is humiliation, and it is somewhat humiliating to share our financial woes and my physical limitations, and especially humiliating to beg for money, so I’ve been humbled. Therefore, I humbly ask, I beg you to help us in this time of desperation. We need help paying rent, utilities, our gas bill, gas money, food for myself and my pets, etc.

I am trying to replace what I was receiving before I was cheated by the insurance company. The goal I made is based on me getting 354.40 a week for a year. Any donations will literally help me get my life back, and get back some of what was taken from me while I was trying my best to recover.

It will help us so much while I am waiting for everything to pan out and continue to try to heal. I appreciate any help you guys are willing to give.

I will be including some documents from my primary care doctor as well as the insurance company. For my safety, I had to white out peoples’ names, the company’s name, and of course I will be providing photos of us and our babies. They drive me to keep going and to not give up no matter what is thrown at us.

Thank you all so much for reading our story. Please help if you are willing and able. Even if you’re not able to help financially, we are very grateful for anyone who shares our campaign. I appreciate your help, and we’ll keep you all updated as this process continues. Again, thank you.

Tricia, Chief, Johnny, and Frank

Both Johnny and Chief have Facebook pages. Feel free to follow them for more updates.



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Trish Frilling 
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