Garth's boulder gardens

Boulder Gardens Sanctuary

          This special place set amid huge boulders with a vista that stretches forever holds a big heart and an even bigger intention. Garth, the landowner resident, and steward has worked tirelessly for 40 years on his 640-acres in the Californian desert to cultivate a harmonic co-existence between man and the natural world. Within which to build sustainable agriculture, plantings, aquaculture, and animal husbandry. Garth's generous spirit and humble graciousness welcome anyone passing through with open arms and warm smiles. This has created a loving network of friends who have been influenced and inspired by Garth.

Garth and all others that know him will tell the stories of the life he has led, of his hard work and passion for the land. His dedication has transformed the land by establishing fruit trees, grains, plants and flowers, and ponds enjoyed by frogs, fish, and birds. Nature and people are continuously nurtured in this wonderful sacred garden oasis amongst the boulders.

This natural spiritual dream has been a springboard and resting place for hundreds of monks, lightworkers, and holy persons of all types, living in caves, tiny structures, and shelters from the storms of life to meditate, reflect, and launch forth new dreams and inspired ways. 

Visitors and guests are welcome to experience the land,  enjoy its magnificence through small gatherings, drum circles, and other ceremonies while contributing in many ways.

You are being called to share in our vision.

In Garth's own words:

“I want the Boulder Gardens to be a place where all are welcome. I want it to be an example of how to live in a place filled with natural beauty,  without destroying it;  where people can  share their ideas, their brilliance, and their love, to foster a better world. A new world so to speak."

Garth and Friends
Please Give Generously!

Garth's Boulder Gardens
We continue to maintain and improve Boulder Gardens for all during the COVID-19 crisis! 
We send love to our friends, the local community, and the world!

Our intention is to build three new hydroponic greenhouses.
"Desert Hydroponic Greenhouse" 

Our greenhouse project features hydroponic gardens with two types of kale, bok Choi, arugula, bib lettuce, artisan lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, radishes, carrots, wheatgrass, and other herbs.

We also have plans to build a restroom structure with composting toilets, another well, a solar pump for the pool, a shade structure over the main sitting area, and much more.

Your donations help to maintain and improve Garth's boulder gardens for all.

We truly appreciate your help in supporting an environment where all are welcome to coexist in harmony.”

Thank you for your generous donations!

More updates to come!

Candis Jones recommends Garth's boulder gardens. 
This place will always hold a special place in my heart. My husband grew up going to this place and I know will always hold a special in his heart. The property is beautiful. The boulders are breathtaking and you really forget about all the shit going on in today’s world. It’s a beautiful oasis out in the middle of the desert.

A visitor wrote on April 21st, 2019:
“The most unbelievably magical experience. Beautiful doesn’t quite cut it- the place, the people...this is a true heaven on Earth. Can’t wait to come back.”

Frank Bernard wrote;
"One of the most beautiful places that I've ever been in my life after visiting for the first time I went home got my family and returned because I needed them to experience it as well I'll be back soon thank you"

Luiza Leite: 
April 26, 2016 · 
"I came here with a couple friends after the Joshua tree music festival. What a magical place! Garth is super sweet, the landscape and built structures are stunning, the vibe is stellar. If you have a chance to check it out, do it!"

Spacetime Robert:  "It is Absolutely True.  Love is part of the Radiant Glow that totally covers the Boulder Gardens. Waking up in the Gardens, meditating, hiking around and absorbing pristine nature is beyond awesome. Thank you for preserving and maintaining your Beautiful Space. It was an exquisite experience visiting with you. I will be back."

Rebecca Playfair 
February 26, 2018 · 
"What an amazing place! The people we met were warm and inviting. The desert environment was beautiful and tranquil. This place is perfectly orchestrated!” So thankful to the community and radical hospitality that we received here. Looking forward to returning. �����"

Chuck Chang 
November 24, 2015 · 
"Garth is the most loving man I have been most fortunate to have met. His land is so mystical and beautiful. Thank you so much, Garth, for hosting us with your beauty!"

Here’s what May wrote after a two-day stay:
'This is one of the
most stunning, and attractive places we’ve come across. Boulder Gardens is a magical space with boulders, wildlife, and a lot of stars. This is a jewel!!”

Watch You tube links below about Garth's.

1.) Dreaming of Boulder Gardens 

2.) Garth's Boulder Gardens

3.) 'Courage of the Heart'  a film by  Paul Wilderman.

 4.) Garth filmed by Mary Wier.

5.) A short movie inspiring donations for Garth.

Garth article in the Sawtooth Mountain Views, Pioneertown Ca, Summer 1998

Garth and a picture of his younger self when he arrived on the property 38 years ago.

Garth walking to the teepe through the snow.

Friends walking up Godsway Love in the summertime.                                                                                                             
The Crystal Cathedral at Garth's
Boulders at Garth's place.

The view at sunset from Garth's.

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