Funds to give Isabellah some fun memories ❤

Hello I've made this fundraiser for my daughter who was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer, she's still in chemotherapy maintenance now and still has a hickman in her chest. So she is still limited until that wire is out.

I understand times are really hard but anything even £1 pound would help,or even sharing isabellahs story would help a lot and be much appreciated.

We have made this fundraiser as we would love Isabellah to be able to have a chance to catch up on all the things she's missed out on since her diagnosis in August. Life had been extremely limited and she hasn't been able to do anything. 

Now she is on meitenance she now has a little bit more freedom. We still have to be very careful in activities as she still has a hickman on her chest that leads directly to the top of her heart.
We would love Isabellah to have the chance to stay at ceebebes land hotel for her birthday and take her to explore other places such as peppa pig land ect, and we would love to take her away somewhere in th UK once the weather is nicer. We just want her to enjoy her life as she truly has been a warrior.

Having a child in and out of hospital is extremely difficult. We also had to drive 40 miles each way to the hospital. We spent a fortunate on food, petrol and parking.
This doesn't include the out if the blue hospital visits due to worries,A&E visits and medical collections.
We really struggled. This fundraiser would really help us treat Isabellah as we have taken a hit these past 7 months. It's been emotionally, physically and financially horrendous.

Here is her story in short.

After what I can only describe as a living in hell, our Isabellah  finally rang the bell for finishing her intense chemo as we wanted to wait until her end of intense treatment scan.

On Aug 27th 2021 we got the life crushing news that Isabellah had cancer. Words can't even describe how it feels to be told you child has cancer and that date will haunt me forever. She not long just turned 3 and she had cancer. How was this fair :(.

You go through so many thoughts and the main one is wishing it was you instead. Life feels like it's stopped and you just feel like you don't want to be here anymore. But believe me, you find strength you never knew you had and that's because you child gives it you.

Isabellahs cancer was non metastic meaning it hadn't spread and it was NOT the more aggressive subtype. We also caught it very very early. Being told this was a huge relief.

Long story short, she absolutely SMASHED it. Each of her 9 cycles, and 6 weeks of radiotherapy on Manchester she bounced back and we have been so lucky she only ever got poorly once with a cold that escalated into a fever, And she was ok 24 hours later.
She's literally a TANK. She's got another 6 months of meitenance. The hickman will still be in her chest  and yes it is very daunting but she will be having milder chemo as a precaution and oral chemo daily.
It's been mental very difficult but the worst is over.

She had proton beam therapy in Manchester, she had anesthetic 5 days a week for 6 weeks and chemotherapy in-between. She is so strong she only had two common side effects from the radiotherapy a scabby congested nose and mild redness on her nose area. We got told some very scary possible side effects but again she truly showed how strong she is and only had 2 !!!!! 
We have to put sunscreen on her nose to ensure she is protected from the sun as she has an increased risk of skin cancer due to the radiation.
Isabellah absolutely loved it there and she wants to go back  the staff where amazing and I can't put into words how compassionate and professional they all where.

We also had the results of her most recent MRI. A flat surface with NO visible tumor. This is why we have been calling her MIGHTY ISABELLAH!!! We are so so proud of her no child should EVER EVER have to go through this. 

We will be sharing awareness and we really want Isabellah's story to be a story of hope for other families going through childhood cancer. We chant mighty Isabellah everyday so she knows she truly is mighty.

GO MIGHTY ISABELLAH. We are so so proud of her. She truly is a hero.  

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