Singing Songs for Ukraine

My name is Jena Ball. I'm the creator of the “Songs for Ukraine” project. "Songs for Ukraine" was born of heartache, shock, and frustration. I was horrified by what was happening in Ukraine, but as just one person it was hard to know what to do. How could I help?
“Songs for Ukraine” is my answer to that question, but I need your help to support and grow the project – to reach and enlist the aid of as many people as possible. We must realize that what hurts one, hurts us all. We are all Ukrainians – all human beings who want and deserve the right to live free and healthy lives. 

The image above is of one of the children rescued from the underground tunnels of Mariupol where she had been living for months.

What is “Songs for Ukraine?”
“Songs for Ukraine” has four parts:

1) Interviews with Ukrainian musicians featuring their personal stories, music, and personal recommendations for how to help Ukrainians. These are posted weekly to the project’s blog – Pass Along Songs – with a goal of raising awareness, sharing information, and celebrating the work of talented Ukrainian musicians.
2) Live concerts held in both virtual spaces – where people from around the world can gather safely as avatars – and via live streams on the web and Facebook. Each concert is dedicated to the musician(s) we interview that week and the Ukrainian people as a whole.
3) Virtual Soundscapes – These are 3D builds where visitors can go to experience the music and art of Ukrainian musicians. The soundscapes are designed to give visitors a visceral experience of what the Ukrainian musicians are experiencing.

4) The Music Bridge - Collections of songs submitted by musicians in support of the people of Ukraine. This bridge is growing daily as more and more lovers of music add their voices to our collective song calling for the halt of the war on Ukraine.
• Educate and Empower
Let everyone who reads our blog, attends a concert, or visits a soundscape know what is going on in Ukraine and what they can do to help.
• Build Bridges
As our universal language, music is the ideal way to touch hearts and minds. It crosses barriers, debunks misperceptions, and paves the way for empathy and understanding.
• Create Community
Provide a space and place where those who support Ukraine can gather to meet, talk, and share information with one another.
My Wish List
As Songs for Ukraine has grown, it has become clear I need help. At this point, I am only one person. I need help:
• Identifying, interviewing, and writing about musicians. Ideally, I would like to post at least three times a week as opposed to once. If the interest is there, we could feature individual authors writing about their particular, music-related areas of interest.
• Documenting the concerts and soundscapes through video.
• Marketing and promotion: reaching out to the media so that the voices of the Ukrainians are amplified.
• Scheduling, hosting, and recording (audio and video) concerts.
• Assistance with sound production and mastering.
• Uploading and archiving audio and video footage.
• Building 3D soundscapes on multiple platforms.
• Paying musicians who are doing live performances.
All of the above takes funds. I am hoping you will feel as excited and committed to this project as I am and be willing to contribute some time, attention, and monetary support to help it grow.
Thoughts and Suggestions?
Email me at [email redacted]


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