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Anne’s brain injury therapy

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I’m Anne Johnston and on 3rd March an accident turned my life upside down, leaving me with a brain injury. I was enjoying the snowy weather sledging with my family when I fell and landed on my head. After a couple of nights in hospital I was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome 5 days after the accident.

Most people recover from PCS symptoms within 3-6 months, for some people it’s a year or longer (or never for a small minority) but there is no way to predict how long recovery will take.

My brain injury recovery is taking a lot longer than I anticipated and it’s been over 8 months. I’m looking for donations towards other therapies that help with pain relief, sleep and relaxation and with supplements and healthy foods to make sure I’m getting the right nutrition for my brain. I was self-employed but I’m not able to run my business due to my brain injury and I rely on minimal benefits for day-to-day living expenses.

Retired Navy SEALs discovered by accident that floatation tanks help people recover from PCS. In a floatation tank your brain is put into a state of sensory-deprivation allowing your brain to relax at a deep level so that it can repair. I’d like to do two 90 minute sessions a month.

When I got my diagnosis I was convinced I’d be back to normal in 2 weeks. I didn’t realise how serious and debilitating living with PCS is and my previous thoughts that concussion gave you headaches and dizziness is just the tip of the iceberg.

Every week I have 3 sessions of physiotherapy and occupational therapy to help my brain relearn how to walk properly and desensitise my brain to noise. I struggle with fatigue, headaches, short-term memory, concentration and slow speech and I often drag my feet when I walk. I’m sensitive to noise, light and smells and my spatial awareness has also been affected. I’ve gone from being able to do advanced level Sudoku to not being able to understand the easy ones and I sometimes can’t grasp conversation. My long-term memory and techy skills are still there but my brain is slow at accessing the information.

Please help fund my therapy and share this with your friends so that I can find my sparkle again and look forward to a life doing all the things that I love.

Thanks so much,

AJ x

#findingmysparkle #postconcussionsyndrome


  • Nadine Lawton
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    • 5 mos
  • Sue Back
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    • 5 yrs


Anne Johnston

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