“Fight For Wendy Miller”

For those of you that don’t know Wendy, she is a 46 year old single mother of four children. She worked herself through college and has dedicated her life to helping others as a nurse. She has been employed, as a Registered Nurse, at F.F. Thompson hospital in Canandaigua, New York. Life changed dramatically in 2011 when she heard the words that no one ever wants to hear. Wendy was diagnosed with Melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer.

In December of 2011, she had a small area on the side of her leg, that seemed like nothing. The cancer was removed successfully and life seemed to go back to normal. She remained cancer free for almost two years.

In 2012, Wendy had a biopsy that came back negative. It seemed like there was a reason to celebrate. Her cancer doctor told her she didn’t need a follow up appointment. Wendy was doing what she loved. She was participating in roller derby for the “Finger Lakes Lunachicks” and became known as, “Tuff Mama.” The nickname was perfect for the future fight that at the time, she could never have imagined.

By 2014, the cancer had returned in the same leg and spread to her lymph nodes. An aggressive surgery made it seem impossible for her to return to work, but against all odds, Wendy went back to helping people in the Emergency Department full-time.

Starting in November of 2014, Wendy tolerated a year of the strongest chemotherapy possible and managed to maintain her full-time status as a nurse. She often worked double shifts when the department had staffing concerns.

The year of 2015 involved multiple specialist appointments and removal of small areas of cancer from her left arm and three on her right leg. Each visit was reassuring that no tumors had spread to vital organs. Wendy continued to fight to live a “normal” life despite the devastating effects of chemotherapy.

Enduring the treatment for cancer has been beyond difficult because it has effected every system in the body. Wendy’s pituitary gland was destroyed which caused diabetes insipidus, hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficiency. Her hair was falling out and she started to show obvious signs of the devastating disease.

September of 2016 brought the hardest news, melanoma spread to Wendy’s abdomen. There were three large lymph nodes that needed to be removed. The surgery was aggressive but Wendy was up for the fight. Again, despite the odds, Wendy went back to the Emergency Department on Christmas Day.

This time remission didn’t last long because in February of 2017, a new tumor was found in the lymph nodes in her groin. Most surgeons felt like she should try a conservative option but Wendy was not done fighting. She had surgery and opted to try another chemotherapy drug.

This time, chemotherapy nearly took her life. Wendy spent a week in critical care at Thompson in Canandaigua. Her co-workers that were once her team members worked hard to save her life. She pulled through to remind that world, “I am not done fighting.”

Wendy cannot have any more chemotherapy but she doesn’t have any known tumors in any of her organs. Fund raising effort are to support alternative methods of treatment such as nutrition, “hyperbaric treatments”, and a trip to

New York City to meet with a specialist (Dr. Jeffery Weber) that has dedicated his life to melanoma research.

“Fight for Wendy Miller” is a group of people dedicated to the belief that modern medicine cannot save Wendy Miller but God can. Please help support our faith.
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Wendy Miller 
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