Uncle's Wife passed from ALS

Hello everyone, My name is Ilhan Fuat and live in New York. I recently heard about GOFUNDME thru a friend and i thought to myself, what an amazing idea to help out my uncle who is in a tough situation..

On Monday evening Sept 29th, my Uncles wife (Darlene) passed away from ALS. She had been suffering for a few years with the disease but had gotten progressively worse the last few months. Her final months were spent in hospitals getting different treatments and even surgeries, all to no avail.

We all watched as this brave woman withered away slowly, but my uncle stood by her side at every moment and never lost hope,  and praying that the inevitable would never come.. They spent weeks on end together in the hospital just staring into each other's eyes, because by this point she could no longer speak due to a procedure which was done on her throat.

Spending day and night traveling almost 100 miles back and forth everyday took a large toll on my uncles emotions and not to mention was a huge financial burden which caused him to go thru his savings pretty quickly.. He refused to work during this time. The moments that he did spend away from her were spent in tears and feelings of guilt for leaving her alone, even for the shortest amount of time.

He wanted to spend every moment with his wife, because he knew that he didnt have much time left with her.  How do you tell a man to go back to work to make money, as his wife is slowly dying in a hospital bed miles away??

Sadly as I mentioned earlier, the inevitable did come and Darlene passed away Monday evening Sept 29th. We all pray that she is in a much better place now without all the suffering and heartaches of this world.

My uncle is now left without his wife and without much money to his name. This is where I hope family/friends/strangers come in to the rescue.. He was able to come up with enough money for the funeral, which will be on Friday Oct 3rd, but beyond that there isn't much extra left over..

The funeral cost him approx $4,800 which is why im only looking to raise $5,000 so that we can help offset the cost.

I've personally done many charities/donations for friends and strangers in need in the past, with amazing success and this was before the "Facebook" and internet sharing era. So i have a great feeling about this

Although the money will never bring their loved ones back, the smile on there face for that moment when they hear of all the concerned people coming to their aid is absolutely priceless..

So in short, this is what I am hoping to achieve, to put a smile on a man's face, who has had no reason to smile right now..

I would like to thank you for the donations ahead of time. If you are not able to donate a big Thank You anyway for taking the time to read Mustafa and Darlene's Story and all I ask is that you share this if possible...

If this turns out to be a success and my uncle allows it, I will post the photos of him the moment I present him with all of your donations on my personal Facebook Page

Thank you again for taking the time to read this...

PS - If you personally know my uncle, Please do not tell him about this.. I would like for it to be a surprise.. Also if you wish to contact me, i can be found on Facebook under my name Ilhan Fuat...

Thank you and God Bless...
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Ilhan Fuat 
Newburgh, NY