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As COVID ravages the globe, more people than ever are homeless and living in camps. While this demise may be new for many western people, there are families around the world who have been stuck in these conditions for years. They remain Stateless, citizens of no country; without access to proper medical care, civil resources, employment, or education. Its like their lives stop but time continues to pass on an on.

Speaking from my own first-hand knowledge and experience---there is little hope for any of these families because the number of refugee families has grown astronomically throughout the ISIS offensive, civil war &  continued conflict the past few years.  These families will likely remain possibly forever in these camps. There are millions of them. And it is NOT a life that any one us would be willing to tolerate or suffer through for any period of time, much less for years.

An incredible Canadian organization is trying to generate funds to resettle one of my previous Syrian refugee students, so he and his family can move to a new country. They have been living in a refugee camp for nearly 8 years. My friend is VERY lucky that a non-profit is attempting to sponsor them and ensure the resettlement is a success. However, they need full financial support. 
For the cost of a decent car, this entire family's life can be restored. 

I personally have been to their camp and know his family & can attest to much of the detail provided here.  If you have ever wanted to help the situation in Syria, and were not sure how---here is a way you can make a substantial tangible help which would transform their lives.

His Family Story

We are a Syrian family of 9 people (parents, 2 boys, 5 girls), living in a refugee camp in Iraq. 

In 2011, the Syrian revolution broke out, and armed clashes broke out between opponents and supporters of the Syrian government, and the war reached our areas. Day after day the security situation worsened in our area.

Between 2012 and 2013 our lives were in danger due to a number of terrorist bombings in the town and in the villages near the town which we lived, and armed clashes broke out sometimes in the town streets. Also, my father and my uncles were threatened with death because their political opinions. Many political parties and armed groups emerged during that period. 
In 2012, my father was kidnapped by terrorist members during his job as a driver, and they wanted to kill him because he is Kurdish. Fortunately, they released him after one day because of the sympathy of a gunman with him. In 2016, one of my uncles was killed by the terrorists.  The security situation got worse, and my father and my uncles were threatened with death by some political parties because of their different political opinions. This became a civil war.

 On August 24, 2013, our family carried our bags and fled to Iraq. We crossed the Syrian-Iraqi border for long distances on foot, grappling with hunger and thirst all the way. After that, we entered Iraq, we were many families. We arrived to a town in the countryside and slept in a park for about 20 days.
After that, a small camp was built for us near the town. We entered the camp and we lived the first days with so many difficulties, after that the number of tents increased and the size of the camp had become bigger, and some services were provided, such as water and electricity. 

Life in the camp for the first 3 years was very difficult, we suffered so much. Despite this, my mother gave birth to a little girl months after we arrived in Iraq. My father and I were trying to work in anything to provide a living for the family. For two years, I worked in heavy work to help my family. After that, our small tent we used to live in transformed into a bigger tent, in which we lived for two years as well, and then the tent transformed into something  with a roof made of Teknopanel, that sheltered us from the heat of summer and cold of winter. 

Since 2013 until now we have been living in the camp, our life is miserable here. My father does not work most of the time, he works only when there is work, and he has been suffering from pneumonia for more than 15 years. His health sometimes improves, and the disease returns at other times. My little sisters and brother are in desperate need of psychological support, good education, and to live in a safe and healthy environment.

In 2015, I decided to study to graduate, get a job and help my family. I was accepted into a university near the camp, where I studied the first two years besides work. I also joined some free programming and English language courses. But unfortunately, I could not continue my studies due to our difficult economic conditions. 

Our future is unknown here. We have suffered a lot in this camp for nearly 8 years. We are counting the days waiting to start a new life. We need a new life in which there is no suffering, no tents, and no fear of the future.

Anything you can contribute will push us towards our freedom.


Stefanie Mitchell
Virginia Beach, VA

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