Family in Danger of Losing Everything

It's been a while since i last updated everyone on our current situation. Thanks to the donations we received, we were able to pay off our furthest year of taxes on our home. I thank each and every one of you who have helped in donating, spreading the word, and pitching in to raise the funds. However, while we now have another year's time (at this point, 10 months) to raise what we need for August of 2020, We still need to raise more money to help take care of the remaining tasks and to help us afford a new place to live + moving expenses. I'll do my best to provide everyone with more details when i can. We have been under a lot of stress lately and we're trying to do what we can between looking for homes, searching for lawyers for my mother, and dealing with other personal & family-related issues that have arisen since the last update. I still will keep my emergency commissions open so we can continue to raise money and i still do heavily encourage anyone/everyone to help us spread the word and pitch in where they can. Again, I'd like to give a huge thank you to all the people who helped us out so far. We wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for the kind words and actions of many generous and compassionate people. And for those of you who haven't heard about our situation, you can read up more about it below and in the following videos.

UPDATE - 8/29/19

Thanks to the people who pitched in to donate to the Gofundme and through Paypal, we successfully managed to raise enough money to pay the furthest year of back taxes. Because of this, we are now able to keep ownership of our home for another Year to raise the funds we need to get the few other issues addressed and find a new place to live. To all the people who pitched in to help us, Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. We managed to  raise what we needed just in time.

While we have managed to raise what we need in time, but we still have a long way to go. Now that we don't need to worry about getting kicked out immediately, we can begin the process of raising what we need to take care of things like the Septic Tank and pay off the Home Association dues- while looking for a new place to eventually move to.

Update - 8/16/19

We're nearly out of time and we still haven't made enough to be able to pay off the back taxes on our home. If we could pay off the first $4,200 then we'd get another whole year to raise the money to  for other  problems and  get a chance to find a place to properly move to and a way to store our stuff so we don't lose everything.

Also within the last few weeks, my mother was injured at the facility where she is currently staying. When trying to get through the door after returning from a doctors appointment, the driver for the medical transport service got her stuck in the front entrance of the facility and was having a difficult time trying to get my mother through the door- not at all stopping to think the cause might be something regarding her body instead of the  wheelchair or door. After going back and forth and turning, they finally managed to get her through the door.  When being transferred into her bed, the nurse noticed there was blood dripping from her sock, and was horrified to see that when she took it off that 2 of my mothers toes were SEVERED and a 3rd nearly severed! They had to rush her to the hospital where she had to get her toes stitched and told her that if they wouldn't have noticed it that she would've died in her sleep unknowingly from bleeding out. Before getting in the ambulance, she overheard them state they needed to contact their lawyers before even reaching out to contact us about the incident, to which they referred to over the phone as a "Mild Laceration". They also then turned to send the exact same driver who caused her injury to come up and pick her up AGAIN to take her back to the facility, to which she refused and then had to get the ambulance to bring her back to the facility. After the incident, we  also found out that many of the people who were working there who were WITNESSES to the incident had all been Fired from working there , and people working there have attempted to intimidate my mother into making it seem like they aren't at fault for doing this or for her getting hurt on THEIR property.

Along with this, my mother has also had to go through a colostomy surgery to help expedite her recovery without having to worry of dealing with infection caused by this, and she has also found out from her doctor that her other pressure wound, that was "superficial", is getting worse; Alongside finding out that she also now has ANOTHER superbug, after dealing with MRSA, called VRE (Vancomycin-resistant enterococci). The facility she is currently at is not providing her with the proper care she needs, the Doctors there never visit, they are always understaffed, and she is not getting any proper nutrition there because the food they serve is either SLOP, Improperly prepared or HALF-EATEN! 

The sooner we get the money to pay off our taxes, the more time we will have to try and find someplace to relocate to and hopefully be able to get my mother out of that god-forsaken place so she can get nursing care at a better home!

Hello, my name is Auston (though many call me Ace). My family and I are in a urgent financial crisis and we desperately need help regarding our health and housing. Recently we received multiple letters demanding that we pay owed taxes on our home and fix many issues with our property or else we will be evicted and lose everything that we own. The problem is that we don’t have the money to pay for these issues. My mother has been extremely sick lately and has been frequently transported between multiple hospitals/facilities for almost a year now; and she is unable to return home safely because the current poor state of the house is dangerous to her health. She’s been through about 8 different surgeries and still has more to go. She’s been fighting for her life and cant do anything about the other problems regarding our home; and the stress from the situation isn’t helping either. We live off of disability benefits due to our physical health issues and we don’t have the funds to invest into fixing anything. My mother is a bed-bound paraplegic with stage 4 pressure wounds, and is currently in nursing care; And I suffer from intense flares from Crohn's Disease and severe chronic pain from Osteoporosis and multiple bulging discs in my spine- along with multiple other health conditions. We have no close friends or family that are able to assist us and we’re nearly out of time. We only have til early-mid August to pay the funds that we owe and fix the immediate concerns or else our home will be sold out us and we'll be evicted with nowhere to go and noplace to store any of our possessions. We have tried reaching out to churches and other nearby organizations, but all have refused to help us. With nowhere else left to turn for help, we've turned to seek help from here in the hopes that we can raise the funds to quickly and safely fix our home so we don’t end up on the street, or worse- dead.  We’ve never had to do anything like this before, but desperate times have called for desperate measure, and the internet is our last hope! Please help us, we need all the help we can get and we ask if you could donate to our cause and share it as much as possible!

Even the smallest of donations will make the biggest of differences, even if it's only $1!  If we can get at least around $25K, it can take care of the taxes, the septic tank, the Home Association fees, fix our vehicle, and help pay for storage supplies to salvage what we can! Along with buying us more time to find a new place to live, and cover the costs.
Update [June 11, 2019]: Not long after setting up the GoFundMe, we have been backed up into a corner even more due to 2 new problems that have arisen. Our Vehicle, the only form of transportation that we have, is in need of immediate repairs in order to pass inspection. For those who don't know, vehicle owners in Missouri have to have inspections of vehicles every 2 years [after 5 years since it was built] in order to ensure they are legal for street use. We currently have a nasty crack going across the entire front window, and rust has formed along the window's seam- which needs to be removed before a new window can be placed. And this isn't even counting the replacement trim  or possibility of body repair IF the rust goes even further into the car than expected; And due to the old model and manufacturer (which is now out of business) finding parts to replace it takes a while to have shipped in.  Right now, if the rust doesn't go deeper than expected, we're looking at about $1000 right off the bat to cover the repairs alone. Without these repairs, our vehicle will not pass inspection and leave us with no method of travel to take care of errands [Billing, home necessities, Food] or be able to visit my mother - leaving us, quite literally, trapped at home. We do not have public transportation where we live, nor do we have money to constantly pay for transportation services.

And to make matters worse, as of information we received yesterday my Mother's insurance is refusing to cover the cost of her staying in a nursing home and in order for her to prolong her stay, the facility has resorted to taking away her monthly disability income (which is normally used to pay the bills) just so she can stay in care. If she were to refuse, they would kick her out and sending her home- which the current of the state of our home along combined with her susceptible health & lack of proper medical care- is LIFE-THREATENING! This lack of funds sets up back a few hundred dollars on our standard finances and we've cut back as much as we possibly can but it's still not enough to cover the bills.

As you can see, the overgrowth of plants has gotten ridiculous, with some reaching as high as the Roof. The Roof, as you can tell, has many places Inside and Outside that are suffering from major damage; And the Black mold in the basement goes up a solid 2 ft [ 61 cm] up the wall and wraps around multiple rooms - and is even higher in certain areas.

We have our backs against the wall,  and we are unable to  financially fix these issues. We are trying to do everything we can but we can only do so much. Our overall goal is to raise what we need to pay off what remaining fees we have owed on our home and eliminate the immediate concerns that put us at risk of losing it; Along with fixing our transportation, and hopefully finding a safer place to relocate to, while salvaging what we can.


What your donations will be going toward:

HIGH PRIORITY: These are the important concerns that need to be addressed urgently in order to prevent us from being evicted in August! [Listed in order of immediate severity]

Helping with remaining owed back taxes - About $10,000: Because my mother has been bed-bound with no means of transportation for the last few years- and because the tax firm that handles her yearly returns demand that she must be physically present to get them filed- she has been unable to collect for the past few years, which would normally help manage payment for the home. Because of this, the 3 years of owed back taxes have built up and keep her from being able to collect what is rightfully hers until they are all paid off. If we are unable to pay these off, they intend to auction off our home and we'd be given an eviction notice with nowhere to go. Thanks to the help we got, we managed to pay off one of the years - leaving us with 2, but we have to factor in 2019's taxes come the end of the year.

Fixing and Draining our Septic tank / Replacing broken laterals:  This one needs addressing for multiple reasons. Our septic tank reached its peak and has gotten to a point where it cannot hold any more than it already has and is need of being drained. Alongside with being informed that the laterals on the tank were damaged as well and in need of replacing. This is due to it being flooded by both use as well as pools of rainwater that flowed from neighboring properties onto our own; And because of it, the septic water has both seeped out into the backyard as well as backing up into the basement- hence causing the growth of the mold seen in the images above. Because of this, the Home Association is threatening to sue US unless it gets addressed soon, despite it being caused in part by streams of water running from our neighbors yards into ours. If we can get the tank emptied and the laterals fixed, this will prevent any further damage from occurring in the basement and backyard, as well as getting the H.A. off of our backs for one of the two reasons- the second being owed fees.

Home Association Fees: Despite knowing the fact that my Mother is paralyzed and that we're financial struggling, the Home Association is charging her for fees to pay for LUXURIES that only our neighbors would be able to benefit from - predominantly things like Boat Ramps and gatherings held by the owners of the estates. Over the years they have progressively increased the yearly amounts and due to the lack of funds to pay it off (same reason as the back taxes), they have demanded she pay them what she owes them or else they will attempt to sue her. And naturally with a lack of funds to  collect from doing so, they'd attempt to take my mother's home from her. So both the H.A and the state are basically going after our home at the same time.

The following concerns will be addressed during the process of taking care of the tasks above:
• Sustaining Skilled Care costs for my Mother and providing aid during her recovery
• Storage/Storage Supplies & Furniture/Junk removal Services
• Finding a New place to relocate to [Must be Affordable, Handicap Accessible, and not rely on credit]

• Lawn maintenance & Tree Removal services -for overgrown plants [75% COMPLETE as of 7/1/2019]: The yard has been mowed and the majority of the overgrown plants have been cut down thanks to a couple of volunteers who wished to help us out (Thank you & God Bless you both). There are a few remaining weeds around the house and fuse box, half of which have been wilted; But since the majority has been cleared, we can address the following concern once the taxes have been dealt with.

• Transportation & Vehicle Repair [COMPLETE- as of 7/26/2019]: The Vehicle is completely repaired and able to be used again with no complications. Thank You to the people who have currently donated both here as well as through PayPal!

•Immediate Taxes - $4,200 [100% COMPLETE as of 8/23/2019]: Thanks to the help we got, we successfully managed to pay off the furthest year of back taxes and get to keep our home for another year!


We’ll be giving progressive updates as work on the home is done and on our current situation.

NOTE: If you would like to donate, but you do not have a current method of payment accepted through GoFundMe, you can also donate via my PayPal as an alternative!


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