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Explant/Enbloc Surgery And Journey

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***Explant Surgery & Breast Implant Illness***
I definitely feel pretty funny about creating a gofundme. But, have decided to move forward with it for the purpose of getting well for not only myself but my family and all those who I have a possibility to impact. It is an opportunity to share awareness and spare others the emotional and physical stress.
Breast Implant Illness has been made to be very controversial in the medical field. But I have a group of 25,000+ women who have all had similar experiences and there is something to be said for that. Thank the Lord I have found these ladies who can not only relate but also guide me through this process of explant and healing. Fortunately alot of my fellow BII friends have been able to educate the educators. The truth is spreading and a lot of doctors have learned from watching the progress of their patients. Patients who have had to take their health in their own hands. I have been to multiple doctors inclulding neurologist and nobody has ever been able to tell me why at the young age of 27 my body was triggered into experiencing a list of 50 intense symptoms (post implants, barely 4 months pregnant) that I have lived with daily since and my body is not able to heal. Being shrugged off over the years when continually going back to your primary and basically told this is just how it is. But knowing inside the pain you feel and that it is just not normal. Even having some family and friends witness the physical effects but not feeling they really understand because they arent physically experiencing it. It definitely takes a toll on you. If any individual out there (man or woman) is considering putting a foreign object inside for the sake of beauty enhancement. I urge you to do alot of personal research. It is just not worth it. Be confident...tell yourself you are beautiful, and happy, and strong, and that you love yourself. All of yourself including your body. I am still personally working on this so I know it is a process. I have regret obviously that I convinced myself that I needed to have breast implants because my breasts had stretch marks and some deflation after breastfeeding my first son. Thinking "oh well I am choosing the healthier option going with saline." But what they dont tell you is the sack is still made out of silicone and heavy metals and that women have had implants removed that are full of mold, that have caused colonies of fungus to grow in womens chest walls, cysts growing out the implants and throughout the cavity, that women have formed auto immune diseases, the list can really go on and on. I am friends with a large group of women that have personally had the experience of explanting and finally the healing process began and are now living a significantly healthier life. Pictures of proof of what they had going on inside them. Some have had severe immune responses that have left them with some permanent health issues and others have had 100% healing. I am not willing to let this go on ignored until it has even more of an impact on my  health. I am willing to sacrifice beauty if it means getting on the path of healing. The immune response my body has had is my body speaking to me and I must listen. I have decided on a qualified micro surgeon name Dr Rankin out of Jupiter. He specializes with explant/enbloc/full capsulectomy. His work and results are exceptional. I have watched testimony after testimony, video after video, picture after picture. And decided he has to be my surgeon! It not a simple slice and pull out the implant. Anyone ever choosing to look into explanting feel free to contact me and I can share with you more about what I have learned and also direct you to information that could help you in your decission. You have to do what is best for you and your health.  I want my healthy life back without physical daily pain most of all. Please pray for me that this is the answer. So that I may work on being the wife, mother, sister, friend I need to be. If there is a contribution you would like to donate to help get me move toward the goal of healing it would be much appreciated. If it is not a possibility prayers are still most definitelty valued. Lots of love. <3<3<3

-Christina Schaut

*watch a FB live segment we did with Kelley Dunn. WPTV on Breast Implant Illness*

Breast implant illness occurs in both saline and silicone implants and is a very multifaceted illness. For both saline and silicone breast implants a strong and immediate response to the silicone shell directly after implantation may be predicated by your genes specifically HLA B27, HLA DR52 and HLA DR53 which are genes associated with being ill in the first year after implantation and a higher sensitivity to silicone. Even if you don't have these specific genes your body will still respond to the fact that breast implants are huge foreign objects implanted in your chest near vital organs and glands and you will experience the usual foreign body response as your body mounts an all out war which causes immune deficits, immune dysfunction and eventually autoimmune symptoms and diseases. Our overwhelmed immune system eventually switches over to attacking itself instead of attacking invaders. This is known as switching from TH1 dominance to TH2 dominance and it is when the immune system developes antibodies against itself instead of killer T-Cells to kill what it perceives to be abnormal cells. Eventually, both saline and silicone breast implants cause immune system failure by overwhelming the immune system and allowing various infections in the body to gain a foothold and cause many of our symptoms. These infections can be bacterial, viral, fungal or parastical. Next the approximate 40 toxic chemicals and array of heavy metals in silicone which are known endocrine disruptors poison our fragile endocrine system (thyroid/adrenals and the other glands) and poison our immune system, poison our Thymus and gut health and create toxicity in our organs and body. With saline there is also the added element of the fact that many of the saline ports collect body fluid/tissue and allow colonization of microorganisms and these organisms can even cross into the implant due to defective valves. These microorganisms produce metabolites which are toxic to us known as biotoxins. Microorganisms like fungus/mold are common in us but these microorganism can be bacterial too. Many of us also have pathogens and parasites in our gut due to bad gut health and even past our gut as they inhabit our body because there is little immune opposition to them due to immune deficits. As you can see saline and silicone implants profoundly damage our health in many ways.

-Nicole Daruda, Healing Breast Implant Illness


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