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We are the only remaining bird only pet store located in Fort Lauderdale Florida. We have been rescuing birds for several years as the only animal in the world that can understand us and literally talk to us is among the highest poached and abused animals in the world simply because of the longevity of their life. A dog or cat or other animal has the luxury of dieing in 8-10 years of abuse because that is the average lifespan of most cats and dogs. For birds, they do not have that luxury. They live up to 80 years going from one abusive home to another until they end up in a shelter battered and abused and forgotten about in a cage in a "Rescue" in the everglades or somewhere else in a so called "Natural environment".

There are many rescues out there that are doing amazing things for this industry. But what we are seeing is that most rescues are simply taking in the birds and caging them but not providing them any human interaction. So my question is, even though they are in a nice tropical environment, they are caged with no human interaction. How "Natural" is this setting. Isolation is the cruelest form of torture to a human being. The next smartest creature on earth(or any animal) should not be treated this way either!

Just this past week (2/01/2018) I was speaking with a breeder and he stated he lost 13 birds to the cold  a few weeks ago as his flock is outside, as almost all breeders are, and he did not have the capacity to keep them warm So 13 of his birds died. This has to stop. We need to bring awareness to this situation to help stop the abuse.  If you do have a bird and can not care for it or know someone that does. Please come see us to work togather to find a solution for your feathered friend.

We are a for profit store with a non profit organization to help build and fund our mission. The overhead of caring, housing and feeding all the birds we are able to take in outwieghs the profit part. We are not actively looking for birds to care for,  however we are in a position where folks are able to come to us because of having the store. Caring for abandon and abused animals is a 24/7 365 labor of love. The birds we take in are examined by a vet, and then worked with to tame as most rescues we recieve have been so abused they want little to nothing to do with human interaction. It is amazing how quikly many of the rescues are in so much need of love that they  go from psycotic behavior to little cuddle bugs in a very short period of time. Some take much longer.

This life we live includes things like checking round the clock on birds that are not well and making trips to the Vet hospital at 3:00AM to save a life. Feeding babies that the parents discard for some reason or another every couple hours in the begining round the clock. We sleep when we can, not when we want to. We are happy to provide the care, we are just asking that you help provide some spare change to help with the cause.

 Being that we have a physical location, many times I come to work to find cages of animals left on my front door step with notes saying things like, please take good care of them, referring to a bird that has self mutilated its self because of the stressful environment it came from. Or please dont eat them, or we are sorry but we have no other choice than to leave them here or let them go in the wild. All we are asking is that instead of handing a buck to the homeless drunk on the corner who does not want to play by societies rules, though some homeless are in need I agree, please help us take care of the most magnificent creatures on earth that are not by choice, 100% dependent on us. If you have or know of a bird that is in need of a new home, regardless of it's condition. Please call us and talk to us so we can find a solution. Thank you in advance and if you are in the area please feel free to stop in the shop to see the flock. 2890 N Andrews Ave. Fort Lauderdale Florida 33311 or on the web at
You can see lots of videos of many of the rescues in action doing all kinds of silly things on our youtube channel . Just type into the search on you tube - Parrot Playland. You can find even more crazy and hillarious videos and photos on our instagram - Everything for the Birds.

Below is an African Gray, Sophia, The most requested bird we receive request for from folks. Yet this girl was brought to us weighing almost half it's correct weight and with very few feathers left. This bird was starved almost to death and as a result of that and I'm sure lack of any other attention has plucked herself bald. This photo is 3 weeks after I received the bird and it has twice the feathers it had when I received it. It is also much heavier and healthier. The call went like this, I have an African Gray and I travel a lot. As a result he is starting to pluck and I feel he needs to be in an environment where he gets a little more attention. 

 We get calls all the time from folks asking if we have birds for sale or rehoming. So when a call comes in from someone stating they can no longer care for their bird, we ask about the birds condition and it is always in great condition with maybe a little plucking and not sure of the age. So we agree to look at it. When the bird shows up it is underweight, completely plucked or worse. We are then caught between a business decision and a moral decision. I know no one will want to home the bird and yet I can not let it go back to the horror it came from. So we take it in because that is the right thing to do even though we are now stuck with the financial burden. We don't mind caring for these neglected and abused sweethearts and will continue to do so as it has become our passion in life to protect the exotic avian we come across to the best of my God given ability. This requires cash though for housing, food and veterinary care. So we started this go fund me account and have a can at the counter for spare change. If you have it in your heart to make a donation to help us help our neglected feathered friends we are grateful for your help. We have gotten a few absolutely beautiful birds in from folks whose life circumstances have changed and they needed to relinquish the bird and we have been able to find homes for those, however that is less common than the other scenario. This is not a high profit business and difficult to compete with the big chain stores on food pricing. Everything For The Birds is the largest Bird only store in all of South Florida with the largest and rarest flock on display in all of South Florida in the past 30 years. Let's keep this industry alive so you can continue to enjoy your birds and have a place to bring them for grooming, boarding, healthy food and toys and experience the interaction with our flock of extremely rare birds that you may never have the chance othewise to interact with. Please support Everything For The Birds misson to provide a retirement home for the less fortunate exotic avian. 

We ask that if you are a pet's mart shopper or on line shopper that you reconsider your next purchase and shop at Everything For The Birds and enjoy the experience of our huge flock and selection of toys and accessories.

Or Mission:
It is our goal to provide daily hands on care and attention to the abused birds that God has given to this world for us to enjoy yet have been abused beyond fathom in an indoor/outdoor environment that will allow the  feathered friends the most comfortable and natural environment possible for the remainder of their days.  Kind of like an exotic bird retirement home. 

The monetary goal is set to allow us to build on to our facility or locate to a larger facility and add staff that will allow our mission to survive.

The Macaw parrot is listed as the second smartest animal on earth. They actually physically talk to us and have a sense of understanding. Let's help them and their counter creatures survive the best life they deserve despite the disgusting abuse they have been through.

Please hit the button to donate and share some spare change on the care of a featherd loved one. Remember these animals need everlasting care so if you can donate on a regular basis they appreciate you helping to keep food on their plate and a roof over their head. 

We are waiting on approval for our Non Profit organization to be approved which should be in the next day or so. Your donation is tax deductable.

Meet Thadeous,

He is a Harlequin Macaw which is a hybrid Macaw mixed between a Greenwing and a Blue and Gold. We purchased him as a normal baby at the age of 17 weeks. he had a lump on his back we were told was just because he was so young and would grow out of it. 4 months later when the lump only grew worse instead of going away, though he appeard normal in every other way except he was still a little clumsy, we took him to a vet for examination. It was determined that Thadeous had what is similar in humans as curvature of the spine. Though difficult to see in the photeo, his back has a ski jump like hump in the middle of it. 

He can get around well and has learned to adapt well but he is not as active as a normal macaw. He is a cuddler though.

This Is Shiloh, 

Shiloh is a georgeous Rose breasted cockatoo. She was purchased from a pet store after seeing her there for months as no one wanted her. You will notice her Right foot is twisted around. It is believed she broke her leg and no one did anything about it. She has a very hard time manouvering around her cage and walking in general so we use different level platforms in her cage for her to climb up. Other than that she is a real ball of fire that talks up a storm in the most girl like voice.
Hi my name is FU,

I am a Green cheek conure and love my mommy and daddy because they saw life in me when my former owner was ready to put me in the trash. That's right, I was told I was damaged goods and no one would want me and they were going to put me to sleep..... for good at only a few weeks old. I have no feet as you can see. The breeder that helped create me put me in with a bunch of larger babies and they picked on me and ate my toes. So now I just have 2 stumps for feet. That is OK though. I have a little one bedroom condo I live in that is handicapped equipped and I am actually enjoying life. Thank you David and Naomi for believing in me. 

Please help Nika with her new life,

Nika is a Black cap conure. This poor little girl came to us out of love. The owner had bought Nika for her teenage son, after about a year the son had no interest in the bird. The mom loved the bird but was afraid to bring it out of the cage because of the dogs. Nika spent about 99% of her time in her cage for the past couple years and as you can see it has taken a toll on her. Please watch the video and send a donation to help support Nika. 



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