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Everything I Own Is Soggy

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I too find the fact that I'm doing this very icky, but I'd ask that rather than tell me how deplorable you find this, just close the window and move on about your day.

On Sunday, June 4th,  a flash flood hit my apartment complex.  An overflowing creek and two backed up sewer lines very quickly brought 3 to 7 feet of the very, very disgusting water.  My car was covered up to the windows. Water poured into 3 rooms of my garden apartment.  On the bed. 4 or so inches onto the floor.  The water was deemed toxic by emergency workers and they are currently ripping out all the carpet in the building

Insurance adjusters will be in later this week and I suspect this will help some. My biggest fear at the moment is that, with my entire engine under water and  the car's interior a bacterial lab, this car I was relying on for another 60,000 miles will be totaled.

Do I need $5,000? I honestly don't know. But I had to pick a number and when I factor the car, the bed, multiple pieces of furniture, all kinds of clothes, bedding, laptop back, shoes, etc., this could be very bad.

Should I raise more money than I need, I will make a donation to the St. Louis Humane Society. If you are strongly opposed to animals finding homes and me living in a sterile apartment, this is not the cause for you.

Thank you and I'm sorry and also thank you and I'm still sorry.


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Sean Dunn
Affton, MO

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