Seeking Education of the Heart

"Don't let schooling interfere with your education."
-Mark Twain

My name is Jolie Gonzalez (A.J.) and in my heart I feel a strong calling.  I have found a school, or rather one has found me, that offers  education  in an experiencial way.

I am asking for your help and support, monetarily, in raising the tuition for me to go to the University of Santa Monica (USM), for their 10-month experiential program in Spiritual Psychology: Soul-Centered Living.

The mission: to spread the word about this program to 1,000 generous souls and in doing so, receuve a minimum of $10 /person! And if you think your donation is too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito!

My story-

Earlier this year I took up on the opportunity to experience two personal development and transformational growth seminars- Insight I & II. Through my cultivation of these two seminars, (both inside and outside of the classroom) I have felt a shift, deep down inside of me- a shift into greater realization and awareness of my authentic self. Since then that has physically manifested for me; I am making better decisions with money, finding clarity in my career path, healing wounds from relationships, feeling more gratitude, speaking my truth, and the list goes on.

After Insight II, a good friend reminded me of the Program in Spiritual Psychology at USM. And it hit me all over again! Every time I think about it or hear about it I feel a profound desire, a fire burning inside of me...It CALLS to further explore and manifest my dreams of realizing my gifts and sharing them with others, so that they too can access the greatest version of themselves!

I am choosing to follow my heart's compass, and pursue my personal legend, through action. Concurrently, I am paying off debt and am unable to come up with the money on my own; I choose not to let that deter me from asking my universe (family, friends, and community) for help. College experience is one of the most important investments one can make in a lifetime.

I want to be clear and transparent in saying that your money is not going towards a "need", but rather a deep passion and calling of mine to help others in transforming their lives. It's going towards making a difference in the world.

That is the larger picture and the end goal- When I look at this world today, I see an abundance of stress, fear, hate, limitation, inauthenticity, loss of identity, misdirection, etc. Seeing it and experiencing it, myself, helps lead me to realize my soul's desire: to imbue those around me with a sense of purpose.
I want to have an impact on others by helping them recognize their light so that they too can lead lives of greater awareness, expansion, and intention.

This is the life-long work, through service, that my heart seeks. 

My END Goal-
Certificate in Spiritual psychology: Soul-Centered Professional Coaching
•Degree in Sign language as well as Communications
•Through Spiritual Mentoring, utilize the aforementioned tools and experience to bridge the gap in communication in any way I can, to help all walks of life see:
•The power of intention in creating more of what you want in life
•How to love, trust, forgive, and commit to yourself more fully
•Making choices that are aligned with your intuition and authenticity
•Giving and receiving feedback in a loving supportive way
•Using forgiveness to get free of any past hurts

What I am doing on my end-
***BURPEES for DOLLAS!!- If you choose this, you MUST leave a message to me, saying so. In which case, I will do a burpee for every "dolla" you donate. I will do the burpees, unbroken and for time. I will also video tape it and send it to you or post it, whichever you'd like!
Perks/ Rewards Video!

•Offering gifts/ rewards in exchange for contributions.
•Fundraising events- stay tuned for updates!
•I am walking the neighborhood & speaking with people, spreading awareness and asking if they'd be interested in supporting in any way.

Thank you for your support.
Living untethered is the nexus of self-love,
- Jolie Gonzalez

Informational Link to Soul-Centered Living Program:

USM | Soul-Centered Living Program Guide:

USM’s YouTube Page
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Jolie Gonzalez 
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