Dyslexia is not a mental disorder

Dyslexia is on trial..!!

To be clear, dyslexia is neither an illness NOR a disease.
By definition it is " a different way of learning that primarily affects the skills involved in accurate and fluent word reading and spelling”

The order of Psychologist in Quebec deemed it as a mental disorder, I cannot speculate their reasons, but they are winning so far.

If they are to succeed, it will increase the stigma that we are already suffering from as dyslexic 10 fold, and will make it much harder to reach people with dyslexia to actually help and support.

This also undermines dyslexic people credibility and remove our basic right in a tailored education that can fit us all.

why we are raising those funds..?

 The reason we're raising those funds is that we are willing to appeal, and seeking your help for lawyer fees which is 17,000..
we have received 7,000 so far and we missing 10,000 CAD $..

why we are doing this?

We believe when we win the appeal, this will open the door for early screening for everyone so they will not have to go through all suffering and expenses to pay for unnecessary testing..

This is a very important social call, when Dyslexic deemed to be a mental disorder, this means people with Dyslexia will be treated as handicapped individuals, instead of using their gifts in maximizing the community potential

Dyslexia is not a curse; it’s an advantage but we must tailor the system to accommodate it.

We have all what we need to fight back, all the scientific evidences, all the facts, all the proofs, all the passion, except funds.

Would you be able to stand by our side in this honorable cause?

To give the people back their rights for education that can work for everyone without being deemed as a mental disorder?

Would you be able to stand by our side against discrimination of specific group because it is just not convenient to consider other methods of learning?

If your answer is yes, please help our community and donate for us to fight back.

Please act now as we only have 3 weeks left to appeal.

Here is more about Louise Fight for Dyslexia:

"I started the Canadian dyslexia association 30 years ago when I was told that my son John would never be able to read, except the titles of his comic books. He would never learn to read. I searched and talked to every expert that had the kindness to answer my many questions. I read every book I could get my hands on and then opened a primary and secondary school for students with dyslexia. John is entering his second year PhD level in education (indigenous learning through a multi sensory approach)


The school is still operating and turning students "unable to learn" into successful graduates. I also opened a screening centre to offer educational dyslexia screening. I developed a French, English and Spanish Orton Gillingham based multisensory method.

I’ve also opened a school to help adults learn the French and English using this method."

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