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Dollar Donation for Wolf & Rancher Cohabitation

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A dollar donation for
                    wolf & rancher cohabitation.

         To me there seems to be a wave of disconnect across the nation, that has a negative effect on our relation, with others, our environment and even ourselves. This indeed  transcends many in every station, leaving few, if any, unaffected by this consternation.   We need to act as a united people, we must stand because in fact we have the power in our hand. Let the public of Washington State help directly decide the fate of the intertwined existence of wolves and humans and their respective interests. This is first and foremost a people problem. Let us bend our perspectives to change or make new directives.

         With that being said, we must instill in our head that in this situation, alienation is not the way forward. We must truly collaborate to cohabitate. We must connect to protect what is dear to our heart so that in the end we may impart this knowledge of a better way to the kids of today, so they will know that there is a harmonious way to grow. It is time we lay the foundation for unification for these separate factions with positive actions.

       Reach your hand out to someone who might stand out from your perceived, acceptable norm in order to sow the seeds of connection, communication, compassion. Here grows the revolution for a true solution. Upon doing so you amend the soil of positive change for the whole.

       I believe we should strive to thrive with each other, not merely co-exist. If we persist to stare opposition in the face with grace and say there is no us and them, there is only we, that is when we can be the change. Let us stand with unity within our community not of east and west but as Washingtonians.  And united let us stand and represent a Washington Empowered, let us stand as a W.E. Don’t let our differences be the destruction of a strong foundation; let it be the construction for change in our nation.

       My name is Daniel Curry. I own a small business named G.R.I.P.H(Guarding the Respective Interests of Predators and Humans.), the first and only of its kind in Washington State. This business focuses on human wildlife conflict mitigation, the goal being to condition potentially dangerous animals from exhibiting unwanted behaviors while trying to address the lack of public outreach and education. And I must say, educating the public on either side of the coin is the harder task.

       I go about doing this by educating rural communities that are directly affected by the presence of these animals. I focus on how our actions have a direct effect on how animals live in their environment and how we can make better choices as stewards of rural areas to mitigate conflict, and also focusing on the intrinsic niche that each animal holds and why it’s important to have them present.

       I also teach urban communities about how living with potentially dangerous animals can have a huge impact on communities and individuals that make urban areas their home, affecting their livelihood and in some situations even their lives. I also focus on why it is so important to help this culture not only exist but thrive and how urban populations can have a direct part in that process.

       G.R.I.P.H. has been able to produce great results, albeit on a very small scale due to limited resources. Our goal is to increase our efforts and offer this service on a much broader scale to assist residents of  Washington State, both human and animal. G.R.I.P.H’s greatest obstacle to progress is adequate funding. Lack of funds can outright stop our progress on the ground. I need your help. I believe that if all of us chip in we can make a significant impact in our State regarding how animals and humans exist on the landscape together.

       So Project G.R.I.P.H. needs your help Washingtonians. No level of support is too small. Think if everyone in Washington donated a dollar to this cause. It would be the biggest public fundraising effort in the state to help find solutions. If we all chip in no one is spread to thin. All I am asking for is  if you have a dollar in your pocket or perhaps in your change jar at home, maybe even stuck to the inside of your dryer,  could you donate it to a cause we can all get behind?

        Whether you are a rancher or admire their rich culture, donate a dollar. Maybe you love wolves and believe their howls should be heard in our wild lands, donate a dollar. Maybe you just want to see our public lands not turned into small ranchettes or sold to private industries like clear cut logging or strip mining, donate a dollar. Maybe you don’t even care about this subject and you just want to see if members of an empowered community can step up and change how things are governed in our state, donate a dollar. Either way there is a place here for you and your voice, let’s hear you holler with your dollar.

       W.E. (Washington Empowered) can be the wave of needed change to this issue, W.E. can be the answer.

        All proceeds of this social funding attempt will go directly to helping this cause. Whether it be hiring other individuals and training them to go to these dangerous animal calls, so we can help prevent an issue before it ever happens. This way there is a service to he guide this process of co-existence instead of react to it like the state is currently doing. By guiding instead of reacting we can help more people and animals thrive on the landscape together.  Also putting higher quality people out on the land to range ride is a must.

       We need to ensure that we have all the needed equipment and supplies to further our mission is critical. G.R.I.P.H. is on the leading edge of developing new nonlethal deterrents to help facilitate this goal, but again funding is the biggest hurdle to further developing and implementing these new methodologies. Even just putting gas in the tank so that we can continue to do public outreach to both urban and rural communities is halted by funding sometimes and limits the reach of the mission.

        You might wonder how your dollar could help this issue not only deescalate but turn into something positive. It’s kind of like when we feel our voice isn’t heard over the deafening chaotic state that our world is currently in. Like we are whispering to a tornado of turmoil to try to make a change in the world. Imagine though if we each where to whisper together, united, and empowered, we wouldn’t be able to hear the tornado over our deafening voice of change.

                                          Thank you
                  for your consideration and help!



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Daniel Curry
Colville, WA

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