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Dogs For A Cause Fundraiser

For almost a year now we have been seeing an incline in Covid-19 cases but with that we have seen a major decline in our mental health. "A significant number of B.C. residents are experiencing more worry, 62 percent, stress, 60 percent, anxiety, 59 percent, and boredom, 59 percent, compared to pre-pandemic levels, and those experiencing more loneliness has increased 10 percentage points since September," according to Insights West. We have created this fundraiser to raise money and awareness for mental health in our community and in return we would like to give you a online show at zero cost! We have all been affected by this pandemic in one way or another and we want to share our music to bring people together through this difficult time. So if you can spare a buck or two, you could potentially save a life. If you can't, sharing this link is just as good :) Lets stick together and lend a helping hand. We look forward to the show!


Dacoda Nevens
Lake Country, BC
Canadian Mental Health Association, B.C. Division

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