Death race for Clarity

The Injury:
On May 13, 2017, I was severly injured at work when a 12 inch plastic pipe I was hydro testing over pressured and burst, causing high pressure impact to my face. It knocked me unconcious and backwards into a pool of water. Luckily, I was not working alone and received CPR prior to Paramedics arriving. I was then air lifted from the job site to the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, British Columbia where I spent a week in an enduced coma in ICU while doctors tried to determine the nature of my injuries and how to stabalize my condition. 

I sustained multiple facial fractures and lacerations, a broken jaw, broken collar bone and fractured ribs, pulmonary opacification of both lungs, loss of sight in one eye, loss of hearing in one ear, several damaged and missing teeth, nerve damage, as well as complete loss of smell and taste, and minor symptoms of emotional and mental challenges, including memory loss -  all leading to several months confined to a hospital bed, countless hours of surgery, extreme weight loss, an altered appearance and many upcoming specialist appointments.  

Since the Accident: 
Once strong enough, after a months stay at the Royal Columbian Hospital with my Fiance and Father by my side,  I was transferred to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta on June 1st, to be closer to home and to my Family. Following another hospital transfer to the U of A, approximately 40 hours of facial reconstructive surgery, several weeks of bed rest and medical attention, I was discharged to go home. At the beginning of July, I was sent home with my jaw wired shut and a trach tube still inserted in my throat.

With limited mobility and in severe pain from recent surgery, my Fiance did everything around the house, as well as tend to my every need. She cleaned, cooked, paid bills and took care of me medically. Prepping medication and bathing me, she comforted me in any way she could. Often setting her own mental, physcial and emotional needs aside. She had to leave her full time job to take on the responsiblity of taking care of my medical requirements. The mental and emotional pain and stress that was put on her was overwhelming, not the mention, on our 9 year old daughter.

The lack of resources available to us made our coping and healing more complicated which encouraged me to support a local organization and raise money to bring awareness to those families in need of the support and aid that I was not aware was available to me. 

My Goal:
I am doing this for not only the physical challenge of over coming such a major ordeal, but to raise awareness about the lack of mental assistance and support my family and I were unable to receive. 

My goal is to raise awareness to those in similar circumstances to mine. I would like to spread the awareness and fund a contribution.

On August 3rd, 2018, I plan to run the Canadian Death Race for not only myself, but for everyone affected by workplace tragedies and mental illness.

The Race:
The Canadian Death Race is one of the World's toughest ultramarathons and is located in the Canadian Rockies. It is a 125km Marathon that passes over 3 mountain summits, it has a 1,700 foot elevation change and a  major river crossing at Hell's Gate Canyon. There is a 24 hour time limit to complete this grueling race.

Please help me achieve my goal and raise $2,500.00 by July 27, 2018 to donate to the Threads of Life!!
  • Justin Kawecki 
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    • 47 mos
  • Trevor & Tellie Roszell 
    • $500 
    • 47 mos
  • Ken Healey 
    • $100 
    • 47 mos
  • Corey Gauthier 
    • $40 
    • 47 mos
  • Lisa and David MacPherson 
    • $100 
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Rosie Travis 
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