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We didn't start the fire

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At 3a on September 23rd we were awoken to our house on fire. It began from someone intentionally setting the neighboring vacant house on fire, which jumped to our house very quickly, spreading to the attic, destroying almost everything. Due to the nature of the fire none of the smoke alarms went off. We are alive thanks to a guardian angel in the shape of an off-duty police officer who just happened by, saw the smoke, and banged on our front door until we responded.  This man saved mine and my families' lives and we are eternally grateful.  
There are 6 people in our house; myself (Rachael), my partner Ryan, his two daughters Isabela and Ruby, Isabela's baby Ananta, and my son, Judah. Luckily only myself, Ryan and Ruby were home. We are all physically okay, emotionally we are all pretty shook by the experience and resulting consequences. 
We lost all clothing, beds, furniture, baby things, rugs, art supplies, computers, records and record players, personal mementos, all of it, just everything. While the loss of possessions is upsetting and difficult, we kept our lives. While the immediate support from friends and family was at times overwhelming, yet appreciated, the financial reality of what we are now facing is devastating and has thus prompted us to reach out and humbly ask for any support we can receive. 
Ryan works full-time in a demanding, albeit rewarding, woodworking job, and I have been living off savings since April while I focused on writing my masters thesis, (fingers crossed I  graduate in December!)  
Lastly, the cherry on top of the whole horrifying day was that it was my birthday. Worst. Birthday. Ever.
Any and all help getting our weird lovely little family back on our feet is whole-heartedly appreciated.


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Rachael Love
Kansas City, MO

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