Dad's Home Care

Update: As most of you know, but some do not, Dad passed away on July 7th. Your contributions to his home care helped us greatly, and continue to help us in the process after his passing. Information about his memorial will be provided here. 

Drew Eastwick. The man, the myth. If you've met him, you remember it. If you haven't, you've heard about him. He's always been unique, and certainly never simple. So it would only go to say that when he does cancer, he does it special. Metastatic Leomyosarcoma is rare, it's awful, and it's aggressive. He beat it into submission with his bare hands (kinda) in 2008. It came back after hitting the bags, sparring with comparable competitors, and prepping for the next fight. He's in the 11th round, but going back to the corner the cut man is worried about the 12th.  The champ is in trouble.

At this point, dad's cancer is both incurable and non-treatable. It's been rough, but there is a belief that his condition will improve to such a state that he will be able to come home. The unfortunate reality of this is that these are the fleeting moments under which we will have our last opportunities to visit with this monument of a man. There is no timeline, but cancer is a son of a bitch and things could go one way or another at any time, regardless of our pleadings. We're not talking days, nor are we talking even a few weeks necessarily; as strange as it may seem, this is good news because we have more time than I, at least, had prepared myself for.

A truly unfortunate development is that part of his experience has rendered him partially paralyzed from the waist down. Withholding graphic detail I will allow you to draw the implications of that in your own mind (and at your own risk). We will be pursuing hospice care and potentially in-home nursing care to help us give him the care that he will inevitably need, and that we can hopefully provide. It's a difficult thing to face, and an open timeline brings with it certain implications. Chiefly, how the hell are we going to afford this in a house where a man, quite literally, worked as a bartender until he broke his back (he literally worked until he fractured a vertebrae, prompting the ill-fated doctor's visit). We're a prideful family, hard-working and determined; we're not asking for money, but giving an opportunity to contribute if that's how you want to help. Your love and support is worth more than gold and means the most to us. Onward we go.

We've set up the aptly named "Shorty's Fund" which will be the holder of all funds raised, with my Mother Lori Eastwick as the named fund executor.  The tremendous outpouring of support has brought tears of happiness to our eyes, knowing how much love there is for such a tremendous man--and the care that exists for our family. We love you all and thank you from the depths of our hearts.
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