Cris Ericson for US Senator 2024 needs your help!

PLEASE help support INDEPENDENT candidate Cris Ericson's campaign! A Republican can't win Vermont for U.S. Senate and a Democrat will tax you till death!

We need to make cannabis marijuana legal under Federal Laws. There is too much disparity from one state to the next. The same goes for abortion. People should not be regarded as a criminal in one state in the United States of America for something that is legal in another state.

THE U.S. CONGRESS votes to give our hard earned tax dollars to CORPORATIONS as SUBSIDIES,
then the corporations use our money to produce products to sell internationally
and make billions of profits for themselves,
for the use of our hard earned tax dollars.
You can see that's not fair, and Cris Ericson wants to get a better deal for Vermonters!

Meanwhile, these corporations which receive subsidies are taking fewer bank loans and therefore not paying interest to banks, so the banks are at risk of going out of business. Who will bail the banks out?
The taxpayers, of course!
You can see what's going on is wrong. The rich are
getting richer and the hard working low income taxpayers are getting poorer than they ever were before.
Cris Ericson wants to go on down to Washington, D.C. and get a better deal for Vermonters!

The U.S. Congress votes to give our hard earned tax dollars to the N.I.H.,
National Institute of Health, and they give our money to researchers in universities
and laboratories to invent new prescriptions and medical devices.
Then under the Bayh-Dole Act
of 1980, the lead researcher is allowed to own the U.S. Patent rights to the new inventions,
and contract with pharmaceutical corporations to sell the new products worldwide
for billions of dollars in profits paid to the pharmaceutical corporations and the lead researcher,
even though taxpayers paid for all of the research!
Where is the taxpayers’ share of profits in return
for the investment of our hard earned dollars?
Vote for Cris Ericson to go on down to Washington, D.C. and get a better deal for Vermonters!

Endless Wars!
U.S. Congress votes to give BILLIONS of our hard earned tax dollars
to the PENTAGON. The Pentagon hands out our tax dollars to
university research projects and laboratories
for research, design and development of new weapons, drones & jets.
The defense contractors are allowed to sell the new products worldwide
to our Allies for BILLIONS of dollars in profits FOR THE DEFENSE CORPORATIONS,
while we get nothing in return for the use of our tax dollars! Please support Cris Ericson's campaign and vote to send her on down to Washington, D.C. to get a better deal for Vermonters!


Republicans and Democrats both profit from their votes in the
United States Congress, House of Representatives and U.S. SENATE
because they receive campaign funds from political action committees, super-PACs and "dark money groups"
associated with the Corporations which receive our tax dollars through
(a) subsidies, (b) the N.I.H., and (c) the Pentagon.
Who makes the laws that allow this?
The U.S. Congress, of course!
Vote independent to end the scam because it is “money laundering”
when your tax dollars go through federal agencies, to corporations,
to corporate political action committees,
and end up in the campaign chests of elected officials!
The Republicans & Democrats are in "conspiracy" to continue this scheme!

It takes money to get ideas out to Vermont voters in political ads, newspapers, radio, online and direct mail.

Please donate only if you are a citizen of the United States of America. Every $5. or $10. donation helps!
Campaign to Elect Cris Ericson 2024 for United States Senator for Vermont, 879 Church Street, Chester, VT 05143
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