Cody's Post COVID Fight

As this has been quite the transition from 2020-2021, we find ourselves in a rather tough position. Unfortunately, our insurance started over on January 1st. Not only are we now responsible for the full deductible of 2020 & 2021 plus anything not covered by the insurance; I received a letter from the insurance that they are doing a full review to see what will and won't be approved. Cody is only the 5th kid our team of doctors has seen with MIS-C and everything is considered "new and untested." We are now trying to figure out how to cover the medical bills that are going to continue to grow as Cody has to see the Cardiologist, PCP, repeat labs, and another contrast CT Scan. 

Below you will find the play by play from this crazy set of events. Thank you for any help you might be able to give. 

December 29th
2020 keeps on giving. Waiting on labs...COVID, Strep, Mono, CBC, chest X-ray, and a few others I don’t remember. Hoping to get some answers for this kid and why he is feeling so poopy.
UPDATE............’s not strep or mono and it hasn’t started organ failure yet. They did a whole lot of blood work. Cody is quarantined until we get more answers, he returns to “normal” or through Wednesday of next week. His inflammatory marker is 23 times higher than normal. Should be around 5 and his is 114. The called in a med for the nausea so that hopefully he can eat. After that he was able to keep crackers down. They are waiting for results on COVID and COVID antibodies. The inflammatory marker makes them worries he picked up COVID but is now having “side effects” that may start effecting his organs. No physical activity or anything along those lines until we have more answers.

January 2nd
Well, here we go again. Cody is still sick. All labs came back and he has Covid antibodies but not Covid. The ER doc called us back In to run another round of test and dig deeper. I will keep updating on here as we know more.

330 update...Inflammatory markers are worse, so a contrast CT is set for 530 tonight, as long as he can get the contrast drank and keep it down. They also just did a EKG and are in the process of re-running labs to compare to Tuesday night. They will also be doing an Echocardiogram due to the increase in heart enzymes. We will be getting admitted for at least the night.

545 update...Still waiting on the CT scan. Getting and keeping the contrast down was a challenge for sure. Echocardiogram results came back normal from cardiology. Please keep the prayers coming.

815 update...CT scan shows mesenteric lymph nodes. Working on getting admitted and into a room.

1030 update...We have been admitted. Talked to the doctor and answered about 1000 questions. More labs in the morning and we will see where we go from there.

1145 update... Doc just came in. They are going to treat him as the post Covid inflammatory disease because we don’t have any other viable diagnosis. He hasn’t been exposed to anything else. They are going to be starting an IV and giving him an immunoglobulin antibodies infusion. It will take 12 hours to administer and then they can start to see the effects 24 hours later. We will be here at least one but likely 2 more nights at least.

January 3rd
It was a long night. At 1am they started the IV-IG infusion and it will run for about 12 hours. The idea is that this will give him more antibodies and help him fight. They also added high dose aspirin to help protect his heart. They will be running more labs and likely ultrasound his heart again. We will be here for at least another day maybe longer depending on what the labs show.
Thanks for all the prayers and please keep them coming.

January 4th
He was doing well, and then he wasn’t
Cody spent all night running a fever and throwing up. We are waiting on labs to come back and for the docs to figure out what is next. Keep those prayers coming and for now we wait.

915 update... Doc number 1 was in and we will definitely be staying another night at the minimum. They are going to try and prevent Cody from tanking again tonight.

1230 update... Well, dude is still heaving. Nothing coming out right now though. Labs have shown an improvement but they have to get the fever and vomit under control. He is SUPER weak and disengaged. Feels like maybe he is making progress even though he is still throwing up. The CRP dropped by 1/2 after the IV-IG infusion, which is promising. The Infectious Disease Doc just came in and asked a billion questions. He sorta fits the MIS-C but not completely so her goal is to make sure they haven’t missed anything. She is going to sit with a radiologist and pick apart the CT scan of the abdomen. We are going to have t be here until we are 24-36 hours fever and vomit free.

430 update...Liver blood work came back normal so that is good. Little man has been sleeping for almost 3 hours now. It is the most peaceful he has been since we got here so perhaps that is a glimmer.

Since Cody is in isolation he isn’t allowed to have an Xbox checked out to him and he can’t leave the room for a walk so the nurses have found a few things to try and help his boredom. Legos, cards, stretchy man, word find, and mad libs. Maybe this map will give him the energy to do something. I have been doing a lot of coloring and playing cards.

900 update...witching hour looked different t tonight. Huge bloody nose and throwing blood clots out his nose. They are going to check Cody’s coagulation levels to see if they are doing okay. It is concerning but not as much so as if he were a kid who doesn’t commonly have bloody noses. Depending on what the lab says will be a big factor in next steps of treatment. Here’s hoping to a long night of restful sleep for both of us. Cody is now sleeping.

January 5th
Cody was able to sleep ALL NIGHT!!!! Praise the Lord. He is still nauseous and not eating, but sleep is good. He like his night doc, and me named him Doctor Iowa State. Can’t remember the names of everyone who has come through but Cody got to chat about Iowa State with doc. He even had Iowa State scrubs.
This morning Cody was up for a chat with Shiney and Grams and started sipping on Gatorade. Mommy was even able to get some much needed sleep last night. Here’s hoping that we are making a turn in the right direction. Cody has jaundice eyes this morning and the labs don’t give a good cause. We are cautiously optimistic because Cody are a yogurt and has been sipping on Gatorade. We really want to know that he has turned a corner before we go home. We do t want to be bouncing back and forth. We want to know that when we go home we are going to stay home. If after 8 hours, Cody is still vomit free, we might be able to take a small walk around the hall.

1100 update...I met with the team of Doctors this morning. Everyone is feeling much better about where Cody is and his labs are showing some big improvement. My job today is to coordinate with all outside places (doctor, school, etc) to create a plan that makes everyone feel good in letting Cody go home. If Cody can stay the course, drink and eat today; we should be going home sometime tomorrow.  We will be looking at SLOW REINTEGRATION. No visitors and no leaving the house for a few days. No physical activity until we are cleared with the Cardiologist and Cody will also have a follow contrast CT scan in a few weeks to make sure his mesenteric lymph nodes are recovering. The doctors are hoping that Cody will be feeling in about 2-3 weeks but COVID is all so new that there are many unknowns still. Thank you everyone for all your prayers. We really appreciate it.

330 update...Things are still looking good Cody is starting on his second bottle of water and he had two yogurts today. Little steps to get back to the Cody we are used to but steps are steps. We got our follow up scheduled with the PCP for Friday afternoon. Takes to the principal at school and made a plan to help him get back there as well.

At 340 enough progress was made to be able to get the XBOX . We have a much happier little dude now.

700 update...Cody ate some sushi to match his socks. We build legos. We played some video games and now that Dad is here, battle with Dad. He is laughing and chatting and becoming more the Cody we are used to.
January 6th
Whoot Whoot!! Another night of sleep and we have reached the official fever free timeframe!!! Cody has been up since 630 chatting and playing 2k. He is feeling way better. Not but way better. He is digging the land of yogurt and we won’t complain. Nurse Jess was back this morning and loved how much better he was looking. Still fighting bloody noses but holy that will calm down once they reduce the amount of aspirin he is taking.

100pm update...We made it home and tucked into bed. Now let’s hope Cody keep making forward progress and we don’t have to go back to the hospital.

400 pm update...It was all he could do to walk out to the car and then into the house. He has been sleeping for two hours now. I’ve never seen this boy so weak. 

January 7th
While he has been in bed most of the day....”Rest is Best as the doc said. He was pretty excited to have Cosner’s lasagna for dinner. This is the most he has eaten in the last 14 day. Working on building that strength back.
January 10th
Cody Update...Still doing a lot of sleeping and finally eating. Cody has lost 9 pounds in the last 10 days. He has finally started eating and become a bottomless pit. I feel like I have spent almost all weekend on the kitchen. Last night he was asleep by 630 and tonight he fell asleep while I was making dinner. 515 and I found him sawing logs.

  January 11th Cody made it to classes remote today and did a lot of sleeping in between. We went in for the follow up lab draw. We are hoping they still show an improvement. Chris Cheyenne and I all got our blood drawn for the COVID antibodies in hope that it helps to narrow down everything going on with Cody


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