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Chuck’s Fight Against Sarcoma

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Please help us in sharing the story of a very dear family friend of ours, Chuck Lloyd. Chuck is an amazing man who was recently hit with an incredible battle.  He was diagnosed with Sarcoma just three days before Christmas, on 12/22/17, while being seen for hernia surgery. For those of you that don’t know, sarcoma is a rare and aggressive form of cancer that grows in connective tissue -- cells that connect or support other kinds of tissue in your body.

Chuck’s cancer began as a painless mass in his left upper thigh; in which doctors originally thought was a Ganglion cyst but multiple MRIs revealed otherwise. And unfortunately, upon diagnosis the cancer had already spread to Chuck’s lungs. With multiple masses being found, Chuck is just beginning his long journey in fighting this battle. A chest port was inserted so he can now receive chemotherapy directly into his bloodstream on a consistent basis. In fact, Chuck just recently underwent his first successful chemotherapy session on 01/18/18. ((GO CHUCK!! WE LOVE YOU!!))

The plan is to continue to treat it aggressively with two forms of chemotherapy, along with radiation to shrink the masses and surgery. Chemotherapy will be scheduled once a month at the University Of Minnesota. In addition to in-home chemo for 6-7 days. Chuck will then be off treatment for three weeks, to then begin the viscous cycle all over again... and this will continue on.

By making this page I hope to help support his family through this battle as best we can. Jana, Jaime, and Janelle, love their Dad dearly, and this cancer diagnosis has been earth-shattering for all. We ask for anything you can give to help Chuck’s wife, Julie, with the medical expenses they will incur from this terrible disease. We also thank you for taking the time to read Chuck’s story and encourage you to keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.


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