Christine Miller Cancer Fund

 The Diagnosis
     -in Clinical Terms -
Metatastic adenoscomous carcinoma

     -in layman’s terms - Stage 4 Lung Cancer that spread to the brain and adrenal glands

 - The long Version - AS I UNDERSTAND IT-  I have non-small cell lung cancer (65% of cases), that has a pathology  showing the presence of 
both scomous cells (20% of Case’s) and adenmoscomous cells(80% of Case’s). The fact I have both cell types is rare and seen than less than 1% the cases.

 - What’s Positive
    -With cancer,the common is better as it typically has better odds of treatment.  
   - Both cell types I have may have pill treatment remedies that can increase cure rates and reduce treatment side effects. These work provided the genetic mutation of my cancer cells matches the treatments ability to kill the cells.  
   -further genetic testing of biopsied tissue and then full pathology from brain tumor being removed January 29 2018 will determine the course of treatment the Oncologists will take.  

The Onset
  - On January 17, 2018, I was admitted to Valley Medical Center in San Jose, CA after I  came into Express Care voluntarily.
  -I Had been  
experiencing a cough since Oct 2017
thought it was related to the Santa Rosa Firestorm as I was in Oakland and San Francisco driving full-time for Uber and I absolutely loved it.

 -from Oct 2017-Jan -2018, I experienced 
increasing frequency of nausea, dizziness, headaches and fatigue.  I could go back to jan 2016 with the nausea, dizziness, headaches and fatigue and ovulation as every  mid month I felt like I was in a first trimester.   I can also go back decades on the headaches  but this tumor is not that old.

-at VMC Expresscare, within 4 hours at most and in the presence of my son, I turned to my son and said “I’m probably being admitted and we need to get prepared for a diagnosis. This is not good!

having worked for Diasonic ultrasound in the early 1990’s for 3 or 4 years, I know what the progression from X-ray, then CT scan then MRI means. I really knew a diagnosis was coming the moment when they fi I shed the 2nd X-ray afree “iodine ran thru my veinsheaded to CT Scan and started asking about metals”) ”you see, Iodine illuminates blood flow and the illumination can show that a tumor is actively being supplied blood and glucose. That illumination can mean malignancy. The CT scan just gives a crisper pic)

-after the first MRI failed, I was now admitted to Valley Medical Center, it’s 9am at most, doctors start arriving at bedside. I have no idea who is here with me or even which doctors told me the news but I would need biopsy to be sure but they were looking at lung cancer among other things.

About Christine - 

I am 48year old single mom from San Jose Ca. I live with my 16 year old son. I  Have a 21year old daughter in college (that is possible only because of the selflessness and genuine love extended from my mother). My life story is a cliche that when best summed up would just simply be “”the good, the bad and the ugly.” It pile drives through, sex drugs and rock-n-roll and could now end with “batshit crazy.”  

On Monday, January 29 I will undergobrain surgery at valley medical center to remove a tumor that’s roughly the size of a golf ball on right temporal lobe. I also have smaller eraser sized brain tumors on the left side of my brain. Then I will undergo radiation and chemo for lung cancer.

on Thurs Feb 1 2017 at 5pm I walked out of VMC on a mission and a changed woman

 An overwhelming amount of people responded to my Facebook posts.  I appreciate all the prayers all the comments and outpouring of love and the support from people that I’ve known my whole life or even just a few months.

Right now our immediate need is to ensure that we stay in our apartment and we keep food in the fridge , that cell phones stay on, that we have transportation and that the utility bills  paid.

I am in the process of putting a letter together and reaching out to different cancer foundations for nonprofit organizations to see what kind of resources they have  to assist us through this time.

I have spent the last six months as a self-employed Uber driver however I’m not able to drive right now for the safety of other people because of what’s going on in my brain. I have a contacted the  finance company for my truck and I will be turning in my car so at this time we have no transportation. On March 1 my son will be taking a behind the wheel driving test and we should pass without flying colors at that time and thenhe will have have a drivers license and he will be in the market for a car and insurance for him.

And starting this campaign, it’s hard to ask for money but if there are people that are willing and able to help with  donations, itwould be gratefully appreciated.  Donations money will be used for transportation costs so I can get to my treatments and doctors appointments, also  for my son to be able to come and visit me while I’m in the hospital , assist with paying for dmv fees, used small practical car and wrench set, , as well as utility bills food phone bills, and any other needs that we may have as we embark on this journey on things that I can’t even begin to think about yet.

this time I will be collecting the money but if that changes due to my brain condition the person in charge of my affairs will be Michelle Kincart. If have any questions about me please reach out to her she is on Facebook. Again thank you all for your prayers, your  generosity, for your love and your support I’m very humbled.

I will be the victor


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Christine Mookie Miller
San Jose, CA

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