Chris Young Family Memorial Fund

Dear Pro-Life Friends,

For the last twenty years there has been one voice in Rhode Island that has been louder than all the rest in defending unborn children from abortion. That voice belonged to Chris Young. 

On Tuesday, February 25, 2020, Chris Young drove his family from Narragansett to Providence to raise his voice one last time in defense of the unborn during an impassioned testimony in front of the Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee.

Shortly after his testimony, Chris died while driving home.  

His heart gave out. 

Chris laid unconscious at the wheel as his car traveled on Interstate 95. Kara, his wife, unbuckled herself, took control of the steering wheel, but the car flipped and landed on its tires. Kara and their six year old daughter Mary were unharmed. Chris was pronounced dead at the hospital from a heart attack. 

Chris leaves behind an amazing wife and a beautiful six year old daughter. 

On top of an already stressful financial situation and now with funeral and burial costs, Kara needs our help to give her husband a proper burial and her daughter the type of care, housing and education Chris was ready to give her. 

Please consider donating to Kara and Mary in order to make this tragic ordeal a little bit easier. 

The following recounts the quite remarkable and final courageous act of Chris Young. We have transcribed most of his testimony and provided the link to the full speech. 


Around 7:00 PM Chris Young and his wife Kara Young were called to testify in support of Rhode Island House Bill 7355 which is a proposed Resolution to "recognize that the existence of a fetal heartbeat or flutter is evidence of the existence of human life." 

Kara and Chris, along with their six year old daughter, approached the microphones to give their testimonies. 

Kara spoke first, eloquent and loving as always, and concluded by saying, "The fact is, these babies are alive, their hearts are beating twenty-two days after conception, and this should not be something political. It's just common sense."

Mary spoke second and succinctly summed up her beliefs: "I think we should all be pro-life, and we should all be the same, and be pro-life." 

Chris spoke last. With his beautiful and adoring daughter smiling and bouncing on his lap, he first spoke about her to begin:


"This is the little baby that we had, and she had a heartbeat inside of her mother's womb and now she's six years old, and the time has gone by fast, hasn't it guys? Our lives are going by fast and there's a lot of signs all around us of what's coming.

We're not stupid people. We can see the world around us. ...[A previous speaker] said a child is made in the image of God, and Abraham Lincoln said the same thing. He said: "Nothing made in the image of God was made to be trodden upon," as he spoke about slavery. So, too, the baby in the womb has a face and was created in the same image, and that image needs to be protected.

...When [Planned Parenthood] addresses the baby in the womb, they say "fetus." Fetus is a Latin term, it means "little one." They use the term that justifies the baby as a human being, and they think it's a way to dehumanize the baby. But the baby has human DNA. We're intelligent people here, educated people. The baby is made up of the DNA of the mother and the father. The combination of the two creates a human DNA strand. This is a human being with equal human rights as you and I.

...We're not blind people, we see what's happening in the world. ...Whose obligation is more important? The Speaker [Mattiello], or the eternal God? Because I tell you as clearly as I am speaking here tonight, each of you will be judged by God. And by making a sacrifice here today, and allowing this bill through committee, and letting the House and Senate vote on this bill, which they did on the prior bill [last year's pro-abortion Reproductive Privacy Act, which passed into law], where they allowed for the murder of the baby up until the moment of birth.

...So we are clear here: in other states the baby is delivered, the baby is alive, and they are selling the baby's body parts... Where do we begin to realize there's a judgement that we are going to suffer for allowing these babies to be tortured, for allowing these babies to be murdered, denying the humanity of these babies?!

Now, you are the filter that allows this bill to go through committee. God will judge you much more harshly, I am telling you right now, he will judge you much more harshly if you do not allow the entire House and Senate to vote. Let them vote! And let them make their position clear to God! This is a democratic republic. We allow for legisaltion to be heard and voted on. I know you have an order not to allow this out of committee. Bypass that order! For God! For your judgement! I am telling you, you will be judged! Each of us will be judged! Allow it out of committee. And let the House and Senate vote on it. That's all.

Why was [the Reproductive Privacy Act] allowed through and this bill is not allowed through? Why?! Just let the people who have been elected into public office decide if this baby with a heartbeat is a human being. Common sense says they are human. Common sense says they have human DNA. Common sense says they have a heartbeat. We can hear the heartbeat! We have eyes to see. We have ears to hear. We can hear the heartbeat. We can see the baby in the womb now. Fully formed babies that they kill up until the moment of birth. They harvest their body parts. This is a fact. ...It's made it to the Supreme Court!

Clearly, you are in a position now where you have to break the bows of what put you here. Just vote on the bill. He [Speaker Mattiello] isn't even going to be elected in the next session. He's done. He has no power. Okay? Now it's time to end this. ...You think God's not going to judge Mattiello? Are you kidding me?! He allowed for babies to be murdered.

...You take this under advisement: You are going to face God. You have the power now, you could sacrifice your career, and why not? ...What matters is your eternal soul, that's what really matters. ...You can see it's a child. You can lie to yourself and say that's not a baby with eyes and arms and legs and a head, but it is. You can lie to yourself and be diluted by the propaganda from Planned Parenthood  which was started by a racist, Margaret Sanger, with the intention of eliminating the poor and people of color. We are educated people here. We know how Planned Parenthood was started.

...I was friends with Mattiello, and he promised me he would not do this [pass the pro-abortion Reproductive Privacy Act]  if he got elected, and he did it.

In the end, what matters is God, and everything is clear here: Your decision determines your fate. Okay? And it's no joke. It's nothing to profit from, because the most profitable thing you will ever get is your soul. None of this other stuff matters except for your soul. And the souls of the babies that you will be saving, and the people who are being tricked into killing their own children. You have the ability to break away from the power structure. How long are you going to do this stuff for anyways? It's time to fight against evil. It's time to do what you were put here to do.

...Ultimately, what matters is that your soul is on the line. ...Hell is a reality. Gehenna is a reality. Jesus spoke of Gehenna. You think it's a joke! You're not stupid people! There's no joke here anymore. Now it's time to make a decision that risks your future. God will judge it. He will say I reward you well in Heaven. You have a mansion in Heaven for fighting for a baby who had no one to speak for him. .

..I can't speak turn your do the right thing. You have to make the decision to do the right thing at your own sacrifice. But Jesus sacrificed on the Cross. He suffered. He died. And he rose again. And he ascended into Heaven. You can do the same thing. ...Whose side do you want to be on in the end? The time is now. There's no other time. ...Now is the time to risk your future. You were put here by God. You were put in these seats by God. This is the time to make the right choice. To save the baby in the womb. To save the human being in the womb! No doubt! No denying! A baby made of human DNA. A baby. A human being. It's up to you. It's up to you! I would do it! I would risk my future. I've done it time and time again, right? You can do it too! Now is the time to encourage each other to do the right thing. Allow the House and Senate to vote on it. They will do what they will do and everyone in this state will see, everyone who watches this show, they know the truth too. This baby is human. Let the people vote: if it has a heartbeat, is it human?"





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