Chloe's Brain Tumour Surgery

From the age of 11 I’ve been experiencing severe vertigo, headaches/heaviness in the head, double/blurry vision, extreme fatigue, as well as sleeplessness. These symptoms as you can imagine take a large toll on someone.

After numerous appointments with specialists, MRI scans and hospital trips, 6 years later we finally have a diagnosis.

They have found a 13mm benign tumour (which is classified as large) in the centre of my brain, on the pineal gland, called a Pineocytoma. These tumours, due to their location, are one of the most difficult tumours to remove and treat. Most neurologists and neurosurgeons refuse to even look at the case, let alone remove the tumour as it is classed as a rare tumour and one of the riskiest brain surgery procedures. But there is one neurosurgeon in Australia who believes in giving everyone a chance and curing the incurable; Dr Charlie Teo.

Dr Teo is a very well known and respected, Sydney based neurosurgeon. After years of waiting on waiting lists for various neurologists/neurosurgeons, the day we enquired about seeing Dr Teo, we get contacted by one of his staff to say that he wants to see us in the next few weeks. This consultation alone is costing a minimum of $1,500 due to needing flights and accommodation, as well as the large consultation fee itself. The surgery which I will receive sometime after this consultation is costing as minimum of $50,000 plus accommodation and flights once again.

At the moment, my quality of life is no where near as good as a 17 year olds should be. I can no longer do so many activities that I used to be able to do and that my friends get to do today.

The tumour is pressing on parts of the brain which is strongly effecting my eyesight. Without the surgery there is a large possibility I can become blind within the next year. As well as my eyesight, the tumour can lead to a variety of other life changing and even life threatening problems.  

As I am currently in grade 12, having these symptoms greatly affects both my performance and attendance. This surgery is our last option. Something needs to be done so I can get back to living a normal life and acing year 12.

Thank you in advance for any donation, big or small, that you contribute. It means the world to both my family and I, and helps relieve a burden during this scary and horrible time.

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Chloe Haugland 
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