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Chipping in for Sarah

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Written by Sarah’s family....
Anyone who knows my mom will tell you that she is the most selfless and giving human who works hard to take care of her family, even if it means putting herself on the back-burner. But this time, it’s her that needs a hand.

It started a few months ago just as summer 2018 was getting into full swing. My mom was on a beach vacation with my step dad and my two youngest siblings when she started to feel like something was wrong. After collapsing on the way to the hospital, she learned that she had a fibroid that was causing excessive bleeding. In order to treat it, she would need a full hysterectomy.

Surgery was scheduled, but due to her hemoglobin levels she could hardly muster the energy to climb the stairs. She couldn’t work, and her employers informed her that, though they would try, they were under no obligation to hold her job for her to come back to.

Finally, surgery day came. What should have been a 90 minute surgery turned into 4 hours when excessive bleeding required the surgeons to open her back up upon initial closure. She then spent a weeks recovery in the hospital, when a typical hysterectomy requires just a day or so. My mom was then finally allowed to go home on strict orders of rest and recovery.

Less than 14 hours after her release, my step dad suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the ER. He was admitted and later received a stent.

Now, they are both out of work and both in recovery. My mom can’t drive and my step dad isn’t even supposed to lift anything. My siblings have picked up the slack by helping to care for the kids, driving everyone to school and work, cooking meals, etc. Unfortunately the biggest problem right now is finances.

My mom still has about 6 weeks left of recovery before she’s even allowed to go back to work, but it doesn’t look like her job will be there waiting when she’s ready. What’s more, if the job goes away, she’ll lose insurance for her, my step dad, and their two kids.

Without the promise of income they now have the added burden of financial stress weighing them down when they should be focused on healing.

My moms friends came to me with the idea of starting this gofundme because they knew that she would never ask for help, but that she wouldn’t hesitate to do it for someone else in her shoes.

Anything donated is a blessing and will go to help pay for medical bills and other expenses incurred during this time of hardship.
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