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Chemtrail Research H.A.R.C.

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HARC  High Altitude Research Capsule

To take samples directly from the trails, and return them to the ground for testing.  


Since technology is always changing, we have decided instead of the weather balloon as the means to get the container in the air; it would be much easier if we used a drone that can be controlled from the ground. This eliminates the need for the GPS tracking and much of the custom electronics that were necessary if we used the balloon.

This will also produce a much better video of the sample collection. It will cost about the same either way but it will be much easier to use a high-altitude drone.

The use of a drone with an attached capsule that will trap the particles in canisters then return them to the ground.  The canisters along with a control capsule will be sent to local labs for testing.  This control capsule will ensure we have a blind testing.  

Testing will also be done by myself and several local trained chemists and which will conduct a general test for basic compounds.  

All parts of the project will be filmed and released in the form of a documentary.  This will recoup the funds needed to offset any investment capital we might need to borrow.  Selling the drone after it is used to capture the sample will be another form to pay back any investments made other than the donations we receive from this go fund me page.

There are many theories that populate the internet as to what exactly it is that we see in the sky.  I can tell you from my experience as an Air Force Avionic Tech what you are seeing is not natural.  They are not consistent with condensation that is pulled out of the sky from the low pressures caused by the airfoil of the wing.  What you are seeing, in my opinion, is the result of poorly combusted fuel which is leaving soot.  That soot soaks up the moisture that is created by the plane and does not evaporate like it normally would.  Just like at the center of a piece of hail you will find a small particle of dust or dirt. These particles are what the moisture attaches to.  When there is no particle the moisture will be normally evaporated by the sun as we see in condensation trails.   But what we see are persistent.  This is not normal and I don't care what your theory is I DONT WANT TO BREATH IT and you should feel the same as well.  

So let's find out exactly what it is once and for all.

A capsule that provides answers to the highly debated Chemtrail issue. A lack of hard data and uncooperative officials, leave us with no answer to the question of what exactly is the material we see in the sky that forms the long line clouds above us. This project is a unbias examination of samples taken directly from the clouds high above us. I have designed a device that is carried by DRONE through the substance and will capture particulates then return them to the ground to be lab tested for their content. The project will be fully documented and utilize more than one testing lab to verify the results. The entire process will be documented and released via DVD Documentary. 
The best reward is knowing that you are taking an active role in finding hard facts about what it is that we are breathing. Also, we can offer advertising spots on the video we produce. The optional listing, banners, half page, full page, and full commercial spots along with listing on the web page will be available depending upon the level of investment. For those who wish to get their business or organization really noticed, they can sponsor the craft itself. This would include their logo displayed on the side of the aircraft. And their name in the title, such as the YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE HARC. Product placement is also an option, as a rental vehicle and hotel accommodations for a week during the launch may be necessary if we launch it outside of the Dallas area.

$10 Gets your name listed on the website thank you page.

$50 Get a copy of the finished DVD Documentary and listed on the thank you page. Anything above this level gets a free DVD of course.

$100 Gets your company logo or small avatar image listed with your business or org name on the thank you page of the DVD Documentary.

$500 Gets your company or your org's name and logo in the DVD Documentary intro.

$1000 Gets your companies advertisement shown at the beginning of the video.

$2500 Gets you a 30 sec sponsored by commercial spot at the start of the video.

$5000 Gets your company logo on the unit and a commercial at the beginning of the documentary.

$10000 Sponsors the HARC unit and takes your business or org's name as part of the HARC unit. For example, (YOUR BUSINESS HERE HARC Capsule) Plus get your banners and logos throughout the HARC website. Trade deals for the rental vehicle and hotel accommodations will get your company mentioned and, of course, the product placement shot in the DVD.


Ed Chiarini
Dallas, TX

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