Charm’s Gender Affirmation Surgery Fund

Hi lovely people, 

My name is Charm, a trans woman from Brasil, currently based in Berlin, Germany.

For the longest time, I’ve been in a battle with my body dysphorias and as a trans woman of color in a foreign country (not always very welcomed by its system, culture and people) I have faced a very hard path within my private life (often homeless/financially unstable), especially in regards of my transition.  

On my journey in Europe, I’ve been so lucky to be held by a community of strong and enlightened angels that kept me focused and alive for this whole time, inspiring me through this experience and making me who I am today. I’ve come a long way to be this open about such private matters and can say I’ve worked hard to be able to financially support other aspects of my transition but this next step requires money I don’t have; so I’m here, reaching out and asking you all for help:

I have dedicated the last 3 years to my transition and recently understood I’m ready to take the next step: I NEED SURGERIES! and ITS URGENT

It became a dream and a solid commitment to free myself and allow myself a true life, one that I can be accepted, embraced and feel safe in my own skin and everyday walk on the streets. I can assure you all that, to live with dysphoria and all the triggers around it, and have to deal with the views of a cisgendered and binary lens sometimes, is indeed a very harsh reality to be assigned to, but a beautiful journey of unveiling and standing besides your own choice towards freedom, which I’m so proud to be on and welcome you all from today forward. 

I've been medically transitioning and self-medicating since January as I, unfortunately, have little to no access to the health system here in Germany. Every step of this journey is made harder and it ends up costing even more because of that. So I decided that travelIng back home to get these surgical procedures will be the best for now. 

Beginning HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)  was a huge step!!! and now I look forward to the next chapter of my transition!!! This fund and these surgical procedures is survival to me. That's why today, on my birthday, I take another step towards my rebirth.

This fund will cover the costs of FFS (Face Feminization Surgery), pre and post op as well as secure financially the few months of my recovery. 

Well.. one last time: It’s impossible to give this next step without your help. Please consider donating if you can, any amount you are able to contribute is very much appreciated and felt! Also, please spread the word! 




Travel/Accom. costs  2.000 -€

Pre-Surgery 1.050 -€

Gender Affirmation Surgery 14.026,99 -€

Aftercare 4.850 -€

Total 21.926,99

Rounded 22.000 -€

**These surgical procedures will be carried out by Facial Team in São Paulo, Brazil - will be updating you guys here and also via my page on instagram: charmmone 
  • Ramin Ahmari 
    • €250 
    • 14 mos
  • Annika Neuhauß 
    • €20 
    • 15 mos
  • Davíd Wunderlich 
    • €10 
    • 15 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • €10 
    • 15 mos
  • GoFundMe Team 
    • €500 
    • 15 mos
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