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California Love Toby...

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Toby Edward Diller my little brother, your friend, "infamous" he'd  say. It happened but his best is yet to come. It's over and I will make sure your story is heard. I love you Toby. 
Life gets hard, it gets going. But you liked the fast pace and that floaty feeling. Toby how amazing you were. I remember your youth and time of carefree wonder. I don't  want anyone to remember the bad times but all the life you did have, you brought the party. You were caring and so smart. You had that devilish  charm. 
That laugh of yours and how funny you could be. You were the baby brother, we cherished you. I wish that we could hold on to you longer, just hug you and give all strength, courage and hope to set you free. 
Toby we loved you in all your beautiful imperfections, you were and will always be my favorite human.
Please give us what you can and bless Toby one last time. He would bless others with whatever he had. Peace be with you Tobitoe.


  • Jhoanna Tuft (Halk)
    • $150 
    • 4 yrs


Nikita Dilla
Oceanside, CA

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