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No words will explain exactly the pain I felt. It's a pain common to many, yet it still hurts. My emotions were all over the place. My heart felt like collapsing in my chest. I could barely breathe. My feet were heavy to carry, and I was speechless. Not knowing what to say, all I thought was, WHY? 

Once upon a time, that was ME. Two years ago, I was a woman facing the heartbreaking reality that being with a partner for eight years that I thought was meant to be forever, was just so wrong.......

All I could think of was me now being among one of the 50% separated or divorced couples. The emotions came with more than tears; it came with shame, anger, and revolt. That's why you are reading me right now.

It took me some time to have the courage to do something about my shattered heart. I told myself, "this can't be beyond repair." So I googled the internet like never before, and suddenly it sparked in me this calling to wake up and embrace inspiration.....

After this trigger, Annemarie Sheridan got to work immediately and created her company called Pursuing Compatibility.

Have you ever gone through a heart wrenching breakup or divorce where you felt, "Am I this stupid to think it was right? Why wasn't it right? How could I have not recognized issues? How could I have not known we'd grow apart? I've researched and watched so much advice, so where did I go wrong!? Was it all wrong? Was some of it right?"


Pursuing Compatibility realizes that you are going to have painful lessons in love, dating, and relationships. We believe that there are times in life where we have to make little messes to find out what's right. Therefore, we offer compassionate and inspirational guidance to navigate those uneasy lessons and life struggles. Instead of hearing about how we make mistakes in dating or life from unrealistic love and life coaches, you can expect to gain higher enlightenment with a creative twist. Humorous to interesting and touching stories about life experience lessons, you will improve your dating IQ, EQ, relationship intuition, and love skills in modern society.

Pursuing Compatibility is a counseling service (Tell It Like It Is) designed to offer adults a push to realizing how relationships and marriages truly work. This platform will allow members to understand the dating skills they currently have, and how they can enhance them to lead more desirable dating lives. 

Do we accept loneliness until we find "the one?" Should we not date at all unless we find "the one?" Do we pursue compatibility? Do we pursue a void to fulfill our loneliness? Do we pursue financial codependency? What do we really pursue in our relationships and even in relationships within our communities in society? What are we doing wrong as a society? All of these questions above justify why Pursuing Compatibility brings inspiration, awareness and creativity.


Nearly 50% of the American population over the age of 18 is lonely, and this only became worse with the Covid pandemic
In 2019, America's Divorce Rate was 2.9 per 1,000 of the population
Immense fears of starting over due to bad experiences, a bad marriage or a bad divorce or even a bad relationship
60% Men Go Online for dating Compared To Only 30% of Women
Instant gratification affects dating and relationship expectations
Dating apps and dating advice are outdated 
Unaware extreme naive choices resulting in prolonged heartbreak and leading to loneliness


VALUE OF OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Pursuing Compatibility Co.

We offer constant creative videos that tell the truth like it is with intuition, compassion, life experience and encouraging mental health advice. Subscriptions and purchases through our platform will help us produce better products, videos focused on loneliness, heartbreaks, mental illness or other issues that people are consistently struggling with. Or people can watch just to gain enlightenment and feel inspired. 


Currently, we have an online shop with different products that aim to encourage people and remind them that they don’t have to feel lonely, heartbreak, feeling disappointed in life and feel as if they are the only ones going through struggles. Every purchase helps us produce better products, better videos for our channel and expand even further to make the world a better place.

Apart from encouraging people to feel less discouraged in life, whenever they put on a shirt or use one of our products they can be inspired.

Creative Dating App Offers Unique Matchmaking Questions and Other Interesting Features!

Lots of users see dating apps advertised as saying "this is a serious app" or "we are different." Instead of looking at dating apps as a joke, the genie says Pursuing Compatibility's app WILL ACTUALLY deliver results and make a fun creative twist! 

How are we different?

Better virtual social skills 

Improved reflective matchmaking questions

Other creative features that are fun and get people excited!

If funds are raised in good time, the app can be out to market in 2-3 months.

Other Future Creative Tech Projects are currently in the works

Our tech projects will uniquely help fight loneliness, promote love and other amazing things! Just wait! : )


Reduce Loneliness

Ease Heartbreaks

Reduce Extreme Naivety Regarding Love Life Issues

Make The World a Better Place Beyond Dating

Ignite Hope For People To Find A Second Chance At Love

Inspire Creativity that Brings a Refreshing Experience

Ignite Inspiration to Improve Social Problems

Build Connections and Companionship 


Discounts for Women  Because We Value Women

Pursuing Compatibility Is An Ambitious Company That Will Offer More Than Just A Dating App

We Are Designed To Provide Positive Realistic Guidance That Is Not Outdated

Offers A Unique Reflective Approach That Is Not Found Elsewhere

Excites People With Creative Features and Reflection in the Online Dating Experience

We Already Offer a Positively Inspiring YouTube Channel and Online Store That Prove We Care About People and Society. 


Founder & Creative Director: Annemarie Sheridan

Personal Brand: "I'm your genie! But within reason!"
-Fusing various life experiences and authentic research brings Pursuing Compatibility a unique creative leader from Annemarie's insight into creativity from her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design and work experience in the arts. Firsthand work experience and independently studied cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution gained from being an English Language Instructor living abroad for 9 years. Also, real-life experience insight and stories from setbacks from work culture to economic devastation to recent real-life experience from dating and relationship failures and success stories. Combining so many life experiences can be relatable to so many different people, especially her true story of facing the heartbreaking reality that being with a partner for eight years was not the right fit.

Creative CoFounder: Hicham Manchour 

~Originally hired as a freelancer for one job, Hicham felt so inspired by Pursuing Compatibility's positive message that he became known as one of Annemarie's loyal assistants for one year. This creative man persuaded her to bring him on as the Creative CoFounder to reduce her workload and push Pursuing Compatibility's superpowers! Extremely skillful, experienced, and creative in designs and ideas, Hicham helps with the company's YouTube Channel, the online shop, and will help with other future projects.

Creative Designer and Assistant: Hee Sun Jin

~Recruited to help with design and illustrations through one of Annemarie's former teenage students from South Korea, Hee Sun Jin has been a very loyal assistant to Annemarie since the very beginning of the creation of Pursuing Compatibility. Hee Sun Jin is skillful and creative in the arts and feels lucky to be a part of such an ambitious, innovative company that wants to help make the world a better place.

YouTube Channel Co-Host: Thomas Vinson

~Randomly meeting and engaging in interesting conversations with Annemarie while enjoying the local park's nature, Thomas was more than happy to accept Annemarie's encouraging invitation to participate in some videos. Real-life experience with dating, relationships, overcoming two divorces to find the love of his life, overcoming racial adversity, and poverty as an African American man offers valuable insight and value to Pursuing Compatibility's positive message. On top of discussing dating and love issues, Thomas worked more than 20 years in security, part of that experience was with police officers. Furthermore, he has experience working with mentally ill patients, contributing to our message of encouraging mental health. All of his life experiences and stories are never something you can buy or copy.

Tech Team Recruited From India: 

~Annemarie found a reliable, highly skilled and experienced tech team from India that is thrilled to be a part of helping the creation of tech projects with Pursuing Compatibility.


App Developers & App Designers = $10,000

App Marketing. - A lot of marketing is necessary to get the word out.  $20,000

The rest of the funds will be used for our needs below:

YouTube Channel Marketing

Print Advertising

Digital Art Advertisements

Creative Commercials

Hiring Designers for Online Shop and Online Shop Expansion

Filing for a patent

Public Relations 

Legal advisor

Social Media Marketing - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Marketing.  A lot of marketing is necessary to get the word out.

Creative Research

Other Creative Projects to Improve Society

Helping the Economy


Monthly Memberships for Basic and Premium Memberships. 

YouTube Channel Affordable Monthly Subscription To Access Pursuing Compatibility's Unique Videos

Revenue From Our Online Shop and Strategic Partnerships With Other Businesses Feeling Inspired By Our Message


If you would like to contribute but feel uncomfortable to use your credit card, you can donate money to our business paypalme link:

Thank you so much for supporting!


10% DISCOUNT from any product on the Pursuing Compatibility online shop. More products are coming!

10% DISCOUNT on dating app memberships


Helping make the world a better place and helping an ambitious company that is determined to strengthen the economy.


Special acknowledgements for digital goods:

You can choose to do an interview or Pursuing Compatibility will do a special acknowledgement during the YouTube videos of your goods! (anything from business, non-profits, music, writing or even arts)

50% Discount for dating app premium membership.

$100.00 - $1,000.00 CONTRIBUTOR PERKS! 

40% Discount for dating app premium membership.

$50.00 Contributions to qualify for optional complimentary coaching session

Choose a free 1:1 Virtual Dating Coaching/Analysis session for 30 minutes.
Choose a free 1:1 Public Speaking Coaching Session for 30 minutes.
Choose a free 1:1 English as a Second Language Improvement Session for 30 minutes.

20% Discount for dating app premium membership.




We are in need of creative animators, poets, writers and graphic artists! If you think you can help, Pursuing Compatibility is always open to helping the artists! Heck why not song writers and performers? 

*****Pursuing Compatibility is doing a JINGLE COMPETITION!!!**********
                  Great exposure for artists!!!! Wanna participate? 
                                                Let us know!!!  : )



Due to lack of available jobs, Pursuing Compatibility's goal is to guide new struggling entrepreneurs to jumpstart their business and become an ethical employer sooner than later. Why? We can't make money without money nor can we make jobs without money on top of the proper guidance. Therefore, Pursuing Compatibility is passionate about helping struggling entrepreneurs strengthen the economy which is good for society and everybody.  


The sooner we reach funding goals, the sooner we can get to work and help reduce loneliness, help people find their soulmate and other projects to improve society. 


Pursuing Compatibility would be incredibly grateful for any support from anybody that supports Annemarie's dreams to help make the world a better place by strengthening relationships, dating and society with a very UNIQUE TWIST!

Pursuing Compatibility uses a genuine and dynamic approach for strengthening relationships, dating and society.

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