Bring our Mama Home-Alida Saldivar

Maria Alida Saldivar Guzman Story

Our mother Alida was the center of our world before she was separated from us by this Administration. She and our father Hector dedicated themselves to raising our family of five in Los Angeles over the past three decades. Our mother taught us to live our lives with conviction and determination, and to be kind and respectful to everyone. The loss of her daily presence isn’t just felt with us, but also within our community, where she was a dedicated volunteer.

The day after Christmas in 2017, she left the United States with our dad to continue the process of her immigration petition she has been pursuing for years.  She was not allowed to return home and our family has been fighting for her return every single day since then. 

What happened to our mother: 

The day after Christmas, our mother and father traveled to Juarez, Mexico to attend her immigration appointment for residency.  Our father is a U.S. citizen and his petition for her had already been approved and accepted.  Though Mom and Dad brought her approved petition this did not stop Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) from barring her from returning home and reentering the US.  threatening her with arrest and blocking her from reentering the United States. 

We were shocked, saddened, and angry when our dad called from Mexico the morning of January 2, 2018 to tell us that our mom would not return as expected.  Our world changed instantaneously, and our family has been fighting for her return ever since. We asked ourselves “How could they do this to our mother?” 

In the weeks since she was blocked from coming home, we’ve learned that what happened to our mom is not unique.  For the past few years, USCIS has been systematically targeting mujeres like our mom. 

Our mom is living in the City of Guadalajara with extended family. We will never stop fighting for her return and appreciate any help you give us to help us get her back where she belongs: with her family in her home in Los Angeles.

Any donation we receive will help fund the unexpected and unforeseen costs of getting our mother home.  Though nothing is guaranteed, there is a path for her to return to the US.  This path will take time, energy and funds. Thank you for your support. 


More about our mother Maria Alida Saldivar Guzman:

Not having our mother in our day to day life has been a huge loss for our family.  She is our moral compass, our support system and guiding light.  Our mom taught us from a young age a strong sense of justice, empathy, and speaking up for what you believe in even when you’re the only one.  She’s raised us to live our life with conviction and determination, even in the face of a relentless storm pouring absolute uncertainty, especially for immigrant families.

Our mom taught us to be gentle, kind, and respectful to everyone and to all life. She has always challenged us to be good people, with good hearts, and good intentions. 
The loss of her daily presence isn’t just felt with us, but also within her community.  Our mom has been a vital member of the community and a faith-based leader in her church for nearly 30 years.  She’s helped countless people and families with her emotional support, empathy and wisdom.  As a church school teacher, she’s passed on the values she taught us to other children, too.  In a way, our mom, is a mother figure for many children over the years, helping to spread her love and affection for life.

We haven’t seen her in over two months and there’s thousands of miles between us, but she is still the backbone that holds our family together. 
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