Breath of Life- Melissa's Story

Breath of Life

Melissa’s Story

An agreement was made between Melissa and Nicola to train for an upcoming triathlon. Both shared a lifetime of friendship, and also a home together where Melissa had a sleepout attached to the dwelling. For Melissa, who was rather introverted and shy, this was an opportunity to prosper on multiple levels; physically, socially, and self-confidence. Nicola was more the ‘big sister’ who was nurturing, caring and encouraging; a deeply committed friend. Training was soon under way.

Before too long Melissa began to experience symptoms of depression. Seeking medical attention, she was prescribed anti-depressant medication. Over a period of use, she felt the medication was no longer required, making a decision to wean herself off the medication with her doctor’s acknowledgement. However, within a short period of time, she experienced a deeper sense of depression and the symptoms now at a severe to chronic level. Her doctor, eventually flagging defeat, implored her to get over it and just deal with it. On a quest, she went from doctor to doctor, with no prevailing remedial solutions.

In April 2016 Melissa knocked her head on a car door, resulting in a mild concussion. She was dismissed after treatment wherein Vertigo arose quickly and increased to a level that Melissa was unable to use a lift. 

Intermittently and still committed, Melissa battled on with the training regime. Whilst riding her bicycle Melissa fell to the left side off her bike for no apparent reason. This unexplainable fall triggered alarms for Nicola, conceding that it could be related to the previous concussion and post-vertigo now prevalent

It was in May 2016, whilst alone at home, Melissa was to experience her first seizure. Unlike in an epileptic seizure where unconsciousness or blackout is symptomatic, Melissa was fully conscious of herself, visually aware of her surroundings and internal feelings. The duration of time in this most terrifying experience is undisclosed as she was alone. Can we measure a personal experience so gripping and terrifying? I truly believe we’ve all experienced a degree of danger to an indescribable extent in our lives.

A short time later Melissa was to undergo her second seizure, whereby Nicola was home, hearing the commotion coming from Melissa’s room, Nicola was unable to enter Melissa room initially calling 000 and a friend, they forced entry to find Melissa on the floor, limp and wide eyed at the merciless end of her seizure. The bedroom looked like a tornado’s aftermath. They tried to raise Melissa from the floor, but they were not able lift her as she was now paralysed on her left side. Paramedics arrived assisting and took her to Waitakere hospital, where she was sedated. 

Melissa underwent a series of investigative tests, including an MRI, cat scan, and a cranial biopsy. A report within 24 hrs revealed that Melissa had 7 tumours (glioblastoma) occupying 3 out of 4 parts of her brain.

Glioblastoma is categorised as one of the most aggressive and rapid types of cancer.

One of the differentiating aspects is that it doesn’t spread to other parts of the body. Its primal purpose is to disengage all neurological dependant functions, which eventually results in an excruciatingly painful death. Life expectancy is 2 years with no known cure. Melissa can only be provided with pain relief and comfort. 

Melissa is taken into the care of her loving relatives with a home disability access compliant with Melissa’s needs as she suffers loss of mobility and motor function. Nicola and volunteer friends visit regularly, holding onto threads of hope and prayers for her ever closer dear friend despite her future forecast.

Over the course of the year, Melissa was re-admitted, undergoing radiation therapy, wherein she had to be sedated in order to bolt her facial mask to the benchtop and bodily strapped to secure her uncontrollable tremors of fear.

Melissa experiences fits of fear and hysterical laughter in the blink of an eye. Uncontrollable emotions and naturally the loss of control over bodily functions affecting bladder control and increasing deterioration of speech. Notwithstanding, she is capable of processing information and making decisions to the best of her abilities. It was later discovered that Melissa had formed blood clots. The treatment with blood thinning Klexane was extremely high risk that could tentatively rupture the tumours. Irrespective, they commenced a 3-month self- administration treatment, monitoring Melissa in high critical care. 

Melissa, surviving the high-risk treatment was later admitted to Aria Gardens in North West Auckland, where she is currently in high level care. She is immobilized and completely dependent on assistance. She requires high doses of steroids. Her body has retained fluid, causing weight gain, although she now has difficulty eating, barely grazing.

From the first time I heard of Melissa, and over the course of previous weeks I’ve gained a deepening burden and curious awe at this extremely determined young woman- now 32 years old, also past her estimated life expectancy. With recently receiving this information to write her story floodgates of tears have I wept as I try to fathom the immense fear as she endures  multiple attacks that strike to the core of her being, thus provoking a vast array of questions and bewilderment. What  innately propels her through every consuming minute in each hour, day after precious day, to face her imminent diagnosis. Overcoming in her now vulnerable condition, the odds stacked against Melissa, unpredictably making it this far has been truly confounding. Amongst friends, family, nurses, doctors, medical assistants of all areas, patients and the unseen workers administering in all aspects of Melissa’s care, a sincere thank you to you all. 

I too am honoured to be compassionately and intricately grafted into this vast network of people and if I may remain anonymous I refer to myself as ‘the messenger’. Several weeks ago, I shared with my sister in NZ that I am involved through the insistence of a long term concerned friend to give the hydrogen machine a go.

Although sceptical I resided as a patient in a personal medical experimental trial at a local research and development workshop, inhaling from  molecular hydrogen machines and consuming molecular hydrogen infused water. My own numerous injuries were now increasingly incapacitating my mobility. [Melissa was mentioned on a hypothetical thesis] at the beginning of my treatment. Within less than 24hrs of my first 3hr session I was utterly overwhelmed to say the least and began to update frequent reports to my sister. Further learning more of critical and terminal patients before me whom were now purchasing and administering from their own molecular hydrogen machines and reversing their prognosis’. For myself I am experiencing with each visit a rapid improvement not only in mobility, appeasing pain and reducing inflammation throughout my entire pain-stricken body,  also advancing a distinct level of mental clarity and sharpness. With the presentation of video interviews and education there is an accelerated awareness and vast scientific and medical research, studies, information and personal documented testimonies from patients through accredited medical practitioners.  Inadvertently bringing this to the forefront of revolutionary medicinal assisted treatment.

This family owned local business are amongst the first in Australia to manufacture this type of machine, and internationally acclaimed rating the best in the world. The MOLECULAR HYDROGEN MACHINE is a skilfully configured design crafted and constructed from the highest quality materials and components resourced.

This machine delivers  molecular hydrogen gas in its pure form effortlessly and easily absorbed via non-invasive nasal inhalation also combined with the consumption of hydrogen infused water …quite simply the hydrogen molecule is the smallest molecule and most abundant in the universe and it is found in every molecular state [naturally in every living organism] As mentioned above it is rapidly absorbed into the blood and essentially selectively seeks out damaged cells [oxidative stress] and donates a crucial electron to restore it to its optimal state’ From my understanding the hydrogen molecule is the only discerning molecule of its kind and it’s therapeutic benefits are limitless. For Melissa to have a MOLECULAR HYDROGEN MACHINE at her bedside breathing the  breath of life is the best opportunity for her to look forward to a future and a new Life …if we can all give just a little to give Melissa a little of each of ourselves and our hearts.


The hydrogen machine is currently market valued at $5,445.00 AUD Inc. GST. Destination CNS-NZ via Aria Gardens includes machine packaging, shipping handling, freight and delivery costs an estimated $6,695.00 AUD. We are exploring an avenue to reduce cost and ultimately time delays which often incur. This strategy will inadvertently sheer some of the overall freight cost and appoint a third party to personally deliver and provide assistance, care instructions and monitor use over a 3-4-day period ensuring confidence with usage of the molecular hydrogen machine. There will be open communicative support for Melissa and staff direct to the company if ever needed. For further compelling, controversial and convincing supportive evidence pertaining to therapeutic molecular  hydrogen technology, refer to the company website: www. 

Name: Melissa Benertt.

Born: 05/05/1986

Where: Bondi, Australia.

Age: 32

Primary school: Wellsford, NZ.

High School Graduate: Rodney College, NZ.

Master’s Degree: Architectural and Interior Designs     

Employment: Westpac Bank (customer service call centre).  

What can we as supporters do:  

-Send and or write positive affirmations.  

-Pray & or Meditate (it all counts).

Set up web page to follow Melissa’s machine and progress throughout treatment.  

Yours sincerely,

‘The Messenger’

The heart can’t feel what the eyes don’t see
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