Blake's Fight To Live - no quit !

PLEASE continue to read, donate, and share. The family needs all of the support they can receive.
Blake is a severely autistic and epileptic 15 year old boy.  He has an undefeated record with life. He previously battled a necessary brain surgery that completely separated the left and right side of his brain.  At the time this was necessary to save his life.  A grueling procedure an exhausting recovery, but Blake fought the fight.  The result of the surgery left Blake a non-vocal little boy who is literally 100% dependent on others for his everyday care.  Although he has very little mental capacity, Blake knows happiness, he feels pain, and he exudes love.  Blake is a fighter amongst the toughest of us.  He has always fought to prove the medical world wrong.  Even though the best specialists have not been able to truly find a medical plan that helps Blake…he continues to fight until the medical world finds a  plan- a counterpunch to what life has dealt him.

On Tuesday June 6th, Blake's small intestine burst and caused his blood to go septic and his body to shut down.  He went into cardiac arrest and was airlifted to Children's Hospital in Jackson, MS.  Despite being unresponsive for 20 minutes, other fighters didn't give up on the champ.  They fought with Blake until his heart starting beating again. Blake was resuscitated and stabilized, but his body was too weak and fragile to attempt a possibly lifesaving surgery.  Instead the doctors and surgeons stated that they had no options; that there was nothing that could medically be done.   His prognosis was the worst that any patient could receive.  Blake was not expected to make it through the evening.  Blake’s Mom and Dad could only watch helplessly while Blake fought life one on one.  That’s when another fighter came into Blake’s life and wanted to help rather than do nothing at all.  One surgeon warned the parents of the inevitable but said, with their permission, he would attempt the surgery.  Thirty minutes later, right there in the ICU room, a team of at least 20 professionals performed the surgery.  After 3 hours of work, the fighting surgeon spoke with a confident, half risen smile…Blake made it through the surgery.  The fighter did not die.  He fought, and yes, he made it through the night.

All of this was last Tuesday and Wednesday.  Since then Blake championed  two more major, open abdominal surgeries with a third scheduled for Thursday June 15th.   He currently has a fungus in his lungs, his breathing is assisted with a ventilator, his kidneys are on dialysis, and Mom and Dad are by his side (like always).

As I ask for your individual and your family’s help, I share a quote that almost all of us can surely feel in our hearts:

"So much of what is best in us is bound up in our love of family; that it remains the measure of our stability because it measures our sense of  loyalty."                 -Haniel Long             

My family is hurting and in need of help.  Forget the insurmountable medical bills, Blake and his family need immediate financial assistance just to pay the everyday bills.  Both parents will not leave his side.  Blake’s Mom has always said:

“We check in together, and we check out together”

Blake knows happiness, he feels pain, and he exudes love.  Blake is a fighter amongst the toughest of us.

Blake consistently proves- over and over -that he wants to fight.  He battles for everything.  All of the hundreds of things that so many of us take for granted on a daily basis…he fights for.  He has been battling and fighting for nearly all of his 15 years of life, but now he and his family need any and all help.

With heavy heart and deep appreciation,
Chet Lutkins (Uncle Chet)

”One of the deep secrets in life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others."    -Lewis Carrol

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