Bishal vs. Vanishing Bone Disease

Meet Bishal Buduja Pun. A 18-year-old teenager who is suffering from an extremely rare disease called Gorham Stout Disease (also known as the "Vanishing Bone Disease").

He is currently living in a remote village  -- Narchyang, Nepal. Not only is Nepal a third-world country, but the village he is living in has poor conditions which are not fit for his disease.  

Worldwide, there are only about 200 cases reported and Bishal is the 1st person with Gorham Stout Disease in Nepal. Due to the poor medical technology in Nepal, the doctors could not diagnose his disease. Still, the doctors operated on him and cut off his lower jaw. Shortly after the surgery, the doctors realized they made a mistake and sent him to Kerala, India where he was finally diagnosed in Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences.

Although Bishal has been diagnosed, Amrita Institute does not have the technology or the knowledge to treat his conditions. Therefore, he is now back in his village in Nepal, suffering through all the pain with only pain killers. Since Bishal does not have a lower jaw, he has not been able to eat any solid foods -- he is on a strict liquid diet which is why his health has been deteriorating everyday. 

Also, Bishal does not have the financial or emotional support from his parents who have deserted him due to his condition. Bishal's only supporters are his older brother, Nirmal Buduja Pun and his cousin, Karun Buduja Pun who are in debt due to the financial struggles in Nepal.  

Boston's Children Hospital in the United States is the ONLY hospital that can treat Bishal's disease. However, Bishal does not have the financial resources to be able to come here for treatment. We have already contacted Boston's Children Hospital and made a treatment plan with them and the only thing holding us back is the finance required for the treatment. 

GOAL: This GoFundMe serves as a platform to raise money and awareness about Bishal's rare disease. Please help us bring Bishal to America and start his treatment.
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