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Becky’s Heart and Liver Transplant

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"Though She Be Little, She is Fierce" - Shakespeare

My name is Melanie, and I’m raising funds for my best friend Rebecca Szymanski. I want to gather a donation for her as she awaits the gift of life. Becky has been at New York Presbyterian since September 13th, 2022. She is waiting for the right donor match as she needs double organ transplant surgery. Please consider donating to her to help with the tremendous expenses that will soon come. The funds will help her focus all her energy on her long and rigorous recovery.

All funds will go directly to medical-related expenses not covered by insurance. These include post-transplant medications, hospital transportation due to the frequency of visits after surgery, rehabilitation and cardiac therapy. In addition, funds will allow family to be accessible as she recovers close to the brilliant doctors who have made this possible. If we can relieve an ounce of her financial stress, let's do it.

Becky's Story:
Becky's fight started 40 years ago when she was diagnosed with a very rare congenital heart condition. She was diagnosed with Pulmonary Atresia, Tricuspid Atresia, and Transposition of the Great Vessels. Becky was born with a heart with no functioning right ventricle. In addition, her two major arteries (aorta and pulmonary) were switched. At thirty hours old, Becky had her first open heart surgery in which doctors structured her heart to work without a right ventricle. Instead, she would live with a three-chambered heart. Our little fighter kept fighting!!

At the age of six, Becky had her second open heart surgery, where the Fontan procedure was performed. This surgery allowed Becky’s heart to have a systemic flow of venous blood to the lungs without passing through a ventricle. The surgery was successful, and Becky had an active childhood at her own pace. And our fighter kept fighting!!

For the next thirty years, Becky had over 4,000 procedures, countless doctor appointments and spinal surgery at the age of eleven. Scoliosis was an unfortunate side effect of The Fontan procedure. Yet our fighter kept fighting!!

Then, six years ago, Becky could not breathe and drove herself to the hospital. She had two significant embolisms in her aorta. After being monitored for weeks, the doctors decided that she would need to have her third open heart surgery, where they would revise her original Fontan Heart. Our fighter KEPT fighting!!

For the last six years, Becky has been ok, but like many Fontan patients, her heart shunts blood in a way that damages her liver, and she was diagnosed with cirrhosis. Still, Becky KEEPS FIGHTING with a smile on her face. She is relentless. Thankfully, the team of doctors at New York Presbyterian agreed that she would be a candidate for transplant and was officially listed for a heart and liver on October 15th, 2022. Since then, Becky has been living in the hospital while her doctors monitor her closely and wait for a suitable organ donor. She has been given the greatest gift of all.... an opportunity to keep fighting.

Becky is the funniest and most generous person I know. She is a selfless daughter, sister, aunt, special ed teacher, friend and colleague. She is thoughtful and considerate and gives endlessly to the people she loves. I am honored to initiate this gofundme on her behalf. Each day I try to embrace the positive mental attitude she continues to exemplify. Through each fight, Becky remains steadfast in her ability to fight without hesitation. The Szymanski family has never complained or asked for help, yet they go above and beyond for others in their personal, professional, and community lives. Please consider donating to Becky, who has taught us what true strength is as she faces her toughest challenge.



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  • Rae Ferraro
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  • David Fraine
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  • Jessica Shinnick
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Melanie Unterstein
New York, NY
Rebecca Szymanski

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