As some of you may have heard, this past weekend on Saturday July 15th, Eric experienced a stroke. This was obviously very difficult to understand and process, especially considering his young age of 28 years. After a trip to the hospital and extensive testing, we have answers.

It was discovered that Eric has a hole in his heart. This hole is something we are all born with, which should close over time. In Eric's case, this hole never closed. Eric's body developed a blood clot, which traveled from his leg, up through this hole in his heart, and into his brain. The clot caused blood flow to part of Eric's brain to stop, leaving his brain with lack of oxygen, resulting in a stroke. 

Fortunately, Eric is already recovering well (because we all know he is a fighter!). However, Eric will need to have surgery in order to close this hole in his heart, to prevent any future strokes or complications from occurring. 

Eric does not currently have health insurance, and we anticipate these medical bills to be extremely expensive based on the duration of his hospital stay and number of tests performed. We are working towards getting him covered for his upcoming surgery, but since Eric does not qualify for Medicaid or Essential Care, he will not be able to have his bills backdated and covered. No insurance will cover any costs until the upcoming open enrollment period.

Although we would prefer to handle this ourselves, we need to put our pride to the side and reach out for help. We have no idea what the bills are going to look like, but we have to start somewhere. Support doesn’t always come in the form of money- so thank you all for reaching out and constantly checking in on our Eric! Eric is always trying to do something positive for someone else, so let’s do something positive for him.

Like Eric always says…

BE BROLICK! #struggle #hustle #muscle  :)
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Paige Barnish 
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