ArtToSaveLives Animal Rescue Farm Fund

Our goal is to open a Large No-Kill Animal Sanctuary (with the help of your donations and purchases of our Art) so that we could have our doors open to any animal in need.

Here is our story...
My name is Luba and I have an Artist Management company called #ArtToSaveLives Contemporary. We specialize in providing Contemporary Art to fine art galleries, private collectors and art dealers. After college, I wanted to build a company that didn't only focus on profit, but on helping others, so for 12 years now, we have simultaneously been a "self-sustained" animal rehab/ foster home/ shelter, which is entirely funded through the sales of our Art, meaning we use 80% of our Net to care for animals.

Not long ago, my artists and I, decided to move from NY to South Florida, after following on social media all the things happening to animals here and the lack of No-Kill Animal Sanctuaries... It was a risky move, we knew we would have to start from zero, but "it's for the animals, it's the best cause," we thought. Well, not surprisingly, shortly upon arrival, our animal count tripled! And, I also learned that I had to begin my contemporary art company all over again...

Now, fortunately, things are starting to look up in the Art world here, but with Art, you have to plan any move years in advance and thank God there are many projects coming up in the future, but the animals eat every day, so that is why I kindly urge you to please donate whatever you can today, buy Art from us and share our story and name with all of your animal loving and/or art loving friends, so that they may do the same! 

With the funds raised we are hoping to acquire farm land where we can begin building our ArtToSaveLives Animal Sanctuary to keep our doors open to all kinds of animals, not only dogs and cats, but horses, cows, even iguanas, any living beings that are in need.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and for being a part of our ArtToSaveLives Family!

About the Art:
I work with an artist, JuanCarlos rLora, with whom we created our Animal Rescue Project. I know he will be one of the best artists in HISTORY, not only because of his unique art styles, but also because of his imagination, his creativity and his incredible work ethic! So if you are looking to acquire amazing Art, look no further, as it will also be an incredible investment for you in the future! 

Here's some of our links for more information:

Meet some of our permanent residents!

Luna & Nova.


Clockwise from top:
Nova, Tutu (tiny one in the back, trying to keep up,) Reef, Xammy & Coco

Coco, Xammy, Reef & Tutu

Luna & Coco (believe it or not they are not blood related!)



Nova babysitting the pups, she is the best nanny ever!
She would actually count every single pup, very cute :-D

Taking a nap after a good meal :)

Reef & Tutu.

Paco the Raccoon.

Bruno aka Hurricane Broon Broon

Quiggy the Squirrel aka Godzilla.

Bibi & Titi (Muscovy's orphan ducklings, from 2 separate broods)

Bibi & Titi - all grown up with Limpipi (she is another orphan duckling who limps, thus the name, but don't worry, she's responding well to the treatment and hopefully will stop limping)

Some of the family members.
Note the ducky in the middle!
At ArtToSaveLives we all coexist :)

So here's a little bit about how we acquired all these beauties...Over 12 years ago, as my husband worked at a Veterinary hospital, someone dropped off a litter of puppies! 8 beautiful puppies, still blind, carelessly placed in a pizza box and left behind in the parking lot where any car could have unknowingly driven over it at any point. Of course we took them in, raised them, almost lost them to pneumonia, but all survived! We were able to adopt 4 out. The other 4 remained with us and have been part of our "pack" ever since. T
he pictures of all the ones you see above are all part of our permanent family :) 

So aside from our "pack" we've just kept our doors open for all types of animals and they just continue to come, with our goal of having a no-kill animal sanctuary!
We've re-homed dozens of animals over the years and with your help, we are hoping to keep our doors always open to any animal in need.
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