Annie Goes to Thailand

Supaporn Poojaroen – that’s my name, but most people know me as Annie. Born in Korat, Thailand in 1973, I’ve never really known it as home. My roots were planted in rural Missouri, and though I grew up a small town girl in the middle of nowhere, my heart always longed to know more about that far away place where God brought me into the world.

I was never really sure if the opportunity would present itself to learn more about my ancestry, and I was learning to be okay with that. Then everything changed.

A friend from my small hometown announced she was taking a mission trip to Bangkok and Chiang Rai to share the Gospel, love on orphans, addicts, and more. The more I saw her share, the more something stirred deep in my heart. I realized this was my moment to go back to my roots, not only to understand more about my culture, but to serve others.

I wasn’t raised by my parents, so I never had the opportunity to learn the language or know the culture from my mother. But I feel like this opportunity is God’s way of taking me back to something I’ve always yearned to know more about.

And what’s even better… I have the opportunity to deliver the love of Christ to my “people” while I learn their culture, and share mine.

So, on November 30, 2018 I’m flying halfway across the world to serve.

More About Thailand…

Thailand is a country that looks like a postcard at the first glance – gorgeous scenery, beautiful climate, delicious food, and warm smiling people. But underneath this façade there is a great void for spiritual freedom and deliverance. 

Millions live in areas without a single church. Countless people have never heard the Gospel and have never knowingly met a Christian. Their lives are centered around making a living and earning a better reincarnation. They worship idols in the hope of a prosperous and happy life, or they are only concerned about material things instead of spiritual things. As a result, there is great brokenness among my people.

What Will We Do While There?

First - Bangkok

We will divide the ministry between Bangkok, the capital city of 8.2 million people and the beautiful northern city of Chiang Rai.

In Bangkok we will partner with several local churches in evangelism, leadership training, and outreaches to the youth and women. "Bangkok" originally was a small village on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. In the 18th century it became the capital of Siam and named the city Krung Thep, as it is now known to Thais and in English translates as the "City of Angels".

Ordinary people used to live on bamboo rafts along the river, while floating vendors roamed the water to sell fruits and vegetables. The only stone structures built on land were temples and palaces. In the 19th-century, Western powers incorporated much of Southeast Asia into their colonial empires. King Rama IV and V felt that the only way to keep Siam independent was to modernize the country. Traditional canals were filled up and turned into roads.

Bangkok really started to develop after World War II. Rapid economic growth has attracted migration from the countryside, with millions of Thais moving there to make a living. This expansion turned Bangkok into one of the most cosmopolitan and happening cities in Asia; but also ensured numerous problems. A wide gap has emerged between the rich and those who came to the city from the countryside in search of work.

Viewed as national security threats, hundreds of thousands of them are refused citizenship although many are natives to the land". Here are some recent statistics about the "Hilltribe" people and Thailand:

· The average "hilltribe" person lives on less than $1.00 US a day--this is 12 times less than what an average Thai citizen lives on.

· Many Thai schools do not accept "hilltribe" children and in cases where they do, the children are given little support with the cost of schooling and materials.

· 1 of every 3 sex workers in Chiang Mai (Thailand's second biggest city) comes from a "hilltribe" family.

Then to Chiang Rai

We have an opportunity to reach out to these people in the northernmost city of Thailand, Chiang Rai and work with local churches, orphanages, and the drug rehabilitation center.

Chiang Rai today is known as a beautiful and quiet destination to explore the stunning nature, authentic Thai foods, and lifestyle of the native tribes; but in the 1970s it was part of the Golden Triangle - the drug trade and home base for drug lords. Chiang Rai is also known for its night market lined with crafts vendors and food stalls, musicians, and cultural shows. This is a great opportunity for Bibles and Gospel tract distribution and one-on-one street evangelism. 

Will you join me?

I am both nervous and excited about being part of this groundbreaking mission trip with World Missions Alliance. We’ll be leaving November 30, 2018 and returning on December 11, 2018.

World Missions Alliance has been strategically placed by God in the world’s “hot spots” at the most crucial time in history. Each of their trips to the nation of calling coincided with a major historic event and we know that this trip shall be no different.

You can read more about the hosts of this mission here: . 

Most importantly, will you pray with me for the success of this trip? Just today I purchased my plane tickets. We need God’s guidance in every aspect of this trip.

Secondly, I would be grateful for your financial support as I prepare for this “homecoming” mission. I have no doubt God is direction this mission. When I come back I have no doubt I’ll have so much to share about what God did in the lives of others and my own.

How you can donate…

1)      You can donate right here on the GoFundMe page .

2)      You can mail your tax-deductible donation to World Missions Alliance (or WMA) and put my name (Annie Robertson) in the memo. You can send the funds to me or directly to WMA at PO Box 1067, Branson West, MO 65737.

3)      You can also make a donation by credit card on the WMA website at .

4)      You can mail donations to me Annie Robertson, 1991 N. Finnegan Ct. Columbia, MO 65202.

Thank you in advance for your support. Thank you for helping me pour the love of Christ into others. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

~ Annie aka Supaporn Poojaroen


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