Dose of Pleasure: March & April Introduction

"Dose of Pleasure" by Alvin Collantes
designed to shake the fear and uncertainty out of our system
30-40 minute journey

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My name is Alvin Collantes. I am a Certified Gaga Teacher from Berlin and hosting a livestream sessions called "Dose of Pleasure." I invite you all  to come and join the movement.

This movement meditation session is about understanding how to channel pain and learning how to use it as the force that allows us to dive deep into moments of pleasure, passion & freedom inside the body. I will be sharing my experience in a few healing modalities which includes gaga, meditation, shamanism & rave culture.

I know we are all feeling afraid, nervous and scared during this sensitive moment in time. I am feeling the same too. Let’s use this moment to be together, to let go of any blockages and continue to fall in love with our bodies through recognizing fear, the power of our groove.
Biggest thank you to my space donor: DOCK11 STUDIOS BERLIN 

Donate to the movement however your heart desire. I know the situation we have is quite sensitive, only if you can afford, please feel free. Sessions are free to take and you are free to send this initiative to your friends, lovers and family who can benefit from it!

This is energy.
This is the movement. :) 

- Anyone who is in quarantine and in isolation during this period. For those who are looking to face their fears and transmute it into lightness. For those who are willing to break the habit of escaping their bodies but rather learn how to take ownership with how your body can heal and lift your spirit.
Open to all ages and walks of life.


- Your generous donations will go towards rebuilding the next chapter of my life and letting go of my pain & deepest suffering I experienced back in 2018 that led me now to a path of spiritual awakening, personal growth & healing. I have to pay up to 20,000 Euros worth of legal and lawyer fees, bureaucratic fines in order to fix my immigration status.

- If you are interested in learning more about my story & how you can contribute more, please do note hesitate to message me: [email redacted]*** 

- Being a freelance dance teacher is never easy. I live day to day and of course we as artists are affected by the pandemic. Your generosity will help me greatly to pay for my rent, living expenses and will go to emergency funds for all the cancellation of my teaching jobs. As a producer of dance workshops and events, I have lost on cancelled events in which I have lost money on flights, expenses dispensed. 


- I talk strongly about energy. I have experienced many fears, doubts, panic, worries and uncertainty that showered me with immense pain. With these moments, I work with understanding the root of what pains me and using it a guiding force to allow myself to become vulnerable and evoke these moments through the physical acts of listening. I teach people with the depths of my passion, to celebrate the joy of being in the moment together, to find what it means to really feel your truth inside the power of your groove.

- For me your support will blanket my ability to keep transcending this energy. To constantly encourage you to find the beauty of things especially in moments of vulnerability and weakness. 

- Through my own personal hardships, challenges in life, I hope to share with you my story through our journey together with this moment.  I yearn to keep finding pleasure in our bodies, through what we hear, through what we see, even if it is through the screen, to give you a dose of inspiration, a ray of sun to your gloomy day. 

- Let's start using this fearful energy and learn how to spread the frequency of love through passion, play and pleasure.


"Discovering Gaga through Alvin’s workshops and classes has been such an overall and deeply healing experience, both on a physical and an emotional level. I have always loved dance and movement, but had given up and felt unable to enjoy these things for the last couple of years after falling ill with an immune deficiency and herniated cervical disc. Alvin’s openhearted, passionate and authentic teaching creates a safe space to explore what is possible and to heal. He gave me back the courage to be in my body, to love and honor its ways of moving and carrying me even through the pain."
- Tara, Berlin

"Alvin is a gifted teacher. He teaches from the heart, from his passion for dancing. He draws you in and so naturally evokes movement and body awareness. His cues are encouraging and inviting, not intrusive. They flow with the movement and help you find your body, not your head, although clearly there is a lot behind what seems so effortless.

I was looking for a dance class and knew I didn't want a conventional class at this point. I wanted something that would free me and help me get back the fluidity and connection I felt I was missing. Every Gaga class has been a journey along that path. Thank you Alvin so much for introducing me to Gaga and for helping me explore and find more freedom, confidence and connection on every level."
- Jane, Toronto

Thank you for tuning in with me. You are Love <3

Alvin Collantes

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