Airto Moreira's Rehabilitation

We are appealing to you on behalf of legendary master percussionist/drummer Airto Moreira for help with his physical rehabilitation. After a recent and challenging battle with pneumonia, Airto was finally released from the hospital and is now back at his apartment in Curitiba, Brazil. The experience has left him extremely fragile and with very minimal corporal mobility. He cannot perform the most basic daily tasks without assistance and requires the support of a professional caregiver. In addition, he also requires bi-weekly home visits from a registered nurse, as well as medication. He also needs extensive treatments and particular physical therapy to recover as much of his corporal mobility as possible. Airto and his family need your help with this overwhelming task! He has no medical insurance and is currently on a waiting list to receive governmental assistance. However, the wait time for his age group is a minimum of six months, and it could take up to a year for him to get just some of the governmental support he requires. We hope that together we can all generate the resources he urgently needs to support his recovery and inspire him on the uphill journey back to himself. A tribute concert for Airto is on the way in the spirit of this endeavor. The target is mid-September to early October. Look for updates on this and Airto's progress here on the Go Fund Me page, and with our sincerest gratitude, we thank you all for your prayers, good vibes, love and support!!