Sierra Jo

Nearly 15 years ago we began a learning experience of a life time, here is our family’s story:

It all started with an unexpected pregnancy. We soon found out we would start our family with three baby girls due in December 2003.
We were terrified, but also so excited to meet them and watch them grow up. Knowing they would probably be early we fixed up a beautiful nursery to welcome them in to the world.

Because we were having triplets we were sent to a specialist where we found out things would be even more complicated. The two identical girls had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. In short they were sharing blood and fluids causing one girls to be extremely malnourished and the other girl to work harder causing her heart to struggle.

We attempted to lessen the problems with different procedures that had available at the time. They discussed termination of one of the girls to give the other girl a better chance but we loved them all so much and couldn’t make that decision. It was in God’s hands. Then in August, after things seemed to be getting better, we went in for an ultrasound and found that Serenity Skye’s heart had stopped beating. Soon after her sister Sydnee Nicole’s heart stopped as well. Megan carried all three girls hoping to get into the pregnancy a little further and give Sierra Jo a fighting chance.

On September 4th they were born after several attempts to stop labor. Sierra was only 25 weeks gestation, nearly too early to survive, weighing just 1 pound 4 ounces and 12 inches long. Right from the beginning she was a fighter and we knew she would make it through, however It was a roller coaster ride that hasn’t stopped over these last 14 years,  but it’s all been worth it. We have watched Sierra learn and do things we were told she never would.

Then came the first big regression a few years ago. Sierra stopped talking, her speech was gone, and Sierra was lost inside of herself. Her laugh was gone, her smile disappeared and it was so hard.

After searching for solutions for what seemed like forever, we found Dr. Knight, Sierras chiropractor. We started a CPAP at night and  saw that the CPAP, along with the chiropractic interventions, Sierra was finally coming back. Her jokes, smile and loving attitude were finally back.  This didn’t last long however, And by the end of the year something happened again and sierra started to regress again and retract back into herself. Her behaviors worsened, her Tourette’s went out of control and her speech problems made it difficult for her to express her needs. The school tried to help, we tried everything we could think of with no improvements. Things just keep slipping away again. It was devastating.

A couple of weeks ago, sierras mom Megan saw that a local business, Planet Beach, offered a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for use which we had heard could make a difference in Sierras life. Megan spoke with the owner and he allowed us to give it a try. The first treatment was absolutely amazing! Sierra’s Tourette’s were almost nonexistent and we could understand her better. She loved it, and expressed feeling very good afterwards.
The next day we did it again. When we left she was quiet again and joking with me again; her personality was back! Megan took her around her family and they were shocked!l that such a diffenve could be made with just two treatments! Her Tourette’s were almost completely gone - no more violent body spasms or uncontrollable grunting! ,Sierra was walking better and her speech was great!

We are now going to go daily for treatments for a while but with how expensive they are it would make more sense to just purchase one to put in the home. We can find used chambers for around $5000 - 10,000. 

Sierras health care costs have been staggering, some of it covered by insurance, but a lot of it isn’t. Insurance won’t touch any of the alternative therapies that seem to be making the real difference in her life, only the medications they want to throw at her or the expensive testing they want to do, and we were hoping to get some help with this. If you are interested in helping please do!!! We would attach videos to show have severe things were before and the difference it’s made but we worry they may get used as a joke by some and we don’t want to expose her to that, but you’d be amazed!!!

Regardless of whether or not you can help, thank you for taking the time to read Sierras story! We’re committed to giving her the most productive and happy life she can have given the cards she has been dealt!
  • Joseph Nelson 
    • $100 
    • 53 mos
  • Jason Rees 
    • $100 
    • 53 mos
  • Leandra Weech 
    • $50 
    • 53 mos
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    • $20 
    • 53 mos
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