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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a neglected international public health emergency. The history of the emerging Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic can be found in The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up , a book that pioneering CFS journalist Hillary Johnson called "important." We want to send a thousand copies of this history of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic to members of Congress, government scientists, and opinion leaders in the media.

Imagine if every member of Congress and every journalist at every major media outlet knew the seriousness of an epidemic which is contagious, has already affected millions,  and has been called "Non-HIV AIDS." We think that our project of getting The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up  into as many of their hands as possible will be a major step toward that goal. You can be part of this effort.

More information about this book which is available on Amazon can be found here . 

It will cost the publisher, Rubicon Media,  about $20 to send each print copy of The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up   to a thousand opinion leaders who can help make research into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a public health priority. Even if your donation just allows us to send one book to a politician or journalist who could make a difference, that donation could change the course of this terrifying epidemic.

Interest in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is increasing slightly, but many people are not aware of the history of the struggle to get the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health to tell the truth about the serious nature of the epidemic and to devote appropriate resources to it. Anyone getting involved in the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome crisis must learn about the issues that have been ignored or covered up in the past.

By donating you will be helping us to make this a priority in Congress and a frontpage story all over the world.

Here is the Amazon description of The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up :

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a serious immunological illness that seems to be caused by a very destructive virus. To fully understand the seriousness of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic, you need to go back in time. On April 16, 1996, Congressman Jerrold Nadler spoke on the floor of Congress about his request for a General Accounting investigation into how the CDC had handled the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic. Nadler did that at the urging of Charles Ortleb, the publisher of New York Native and his reporter Neenyah Ostrom. Ortleb and Ostrom had made the case to Nadler that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the virus it had been linked to, HHV-6, were serious public health issues. In an interview in New York Native with Neenyah Ostrom, Congressman Nadler said, "Congress can mandate research into CFS as a viral disease. Maybe it will turn out that HHV-6A is the cause of CFS; maybe it will turn out that other viruses are involved. But Congress can mandate research into CFS as a contagious, viral disease. I will certainly try to get Congress to do that as soon as possible."

Unfortunately, back in 1996, Nadler's warning to Congress and the medical establishment fell on deaf ears. But now that the Democrats have regained power in the House of Representatives, the newly prominent Congressman Nadler may finally be able to bring the CFS epidemic and HHV-6 to the public's attention.

This book by Charles Ortleb, which details Neenyah Ostrom's diligent reporting on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is necessary reading for anyone who wants to know the whole history of an epidemic which has been hidden in plain sight. For a decade, starting in 1988, Ostrom reported on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the damage that the virus HHV-6 does to patients. What her reporting uncovered about the nature of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic will shock you.

In The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up , Charles Ortleb recounts his newspaper's fascinating struggle to get the medical and political establishment to pay attention to Ostrom's pioneering investigative reporting on CFS.

By the time you finish Ortleb's stunning memoir, you will understand why the CDC has been unwilling to tell the truth about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The CDC does not want the public to know that CFS is a transmissible illness linked to a virus that affects every system in the body. They have covered up CFS for so many decades that the neglected virus is totally out of control. Now it is causing a long list of other illnesses and many cancers. The CDC has put us all in danger.

Ostrom's decade of reporting on HHV-6 was recently vindicated by this statement from scientists at the University of Wurzburg:"While HHV-6 was long believed to have no negative impact on human health, scientists today increasingly suspect the virus of causing various diseases such as multiple sclerosis or chronic fatigue syndrome. Recent studies even suggest that HHV-6 might play a role in the pathogenesis of several diseases of the central nervous system such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression or Alzheimer's."

The big question about Neenyah Ostrom and New York Native is this: How many lives would have been saved if the scientific establishment and the mainstream media had paid more attention to Neenyah Ostrom's reporting on HHV-6 and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in New York Native?

Anyone who wants to help Congressman Nadler and the other members of Congress who are trying to end the suffering of millions of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, needs to read The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up .

One of the most important issues The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up  raises, is the role of Kaposi's Sarcoma in the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic.

Here is an excerpt  from The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up  which you can find here .

Neenyah Ostrom began one of my favorite series of articles in the same issue. Titled “The Color Purple,” Ostrom reported, “Burke Cunha, M.D. who is chief of infectious disease at Winthrop-University Hospital (Mineola, Long Island), has described what he calls ‘crimson crescents’ that appear in the throats of more than 80 percent of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients. Cunha describes the crescents not only as ‘crimson,’ but ‘purplish.’ The reddish-purplish regions found in CFS patients’ throats sounded quite similar to KS (Kaposi’s sarcoma) in the throat, commented an ‘AIDS’ doctor [who wished to remain anonymous] to whom they were described. Is it possible that the crimson crescents observed in the throats of CFS patients are actually a type of KS?” Ostrom raised the possibility that the lesions in the throats of CFS patients connected them to the theory that Florida researchers held about KS being the unrecognized but unifying central pathological event AIDS. As I previously reported, the Florida team, headed by Dr. George Hensley, had turned the AIDS paradigm upside down, by finding KS in nearly 100% of AIDS patients, when they explored the internal organs closely during autopsies of AIDS patients. Their fascinating work suggested that KS preceded AIDS and caused more of the immune problem in AIDS than previously thought.

Basically, Ostrom was asking if the KS-like lesions, in the tonsils of [CFS]patients, were an indication that some kind of unrecognized indolent KS was present internally, something that physicians would not even be thinking about because of the conceptual wall that socially hostile epidemiology had built between AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome. And the CFS patients were not particularly interested in finding out if they shared KS with AIDS patients.

Ostrom went even further, in the July 20 issue, and speculated that the dramatic digestive problems in chronic fatigue syndrome were actually the result of the unrecognized chronic or slowly progressive KS in the CFS patients’ digestive tracts. Ostrom noted that Dr. Carol Jessop, who was talking to a group of patients at a chronic fatigue syndrome conference, said, “Almost all patients would say to me, ‘I was totally well until I got this [chronic fatigue syndrome],’ and yet, when I took their past medical histories, I found it wasn’t quite true. Now these aren’t disastrous problems. In fact, if they had gone to their physicians for any of these problems such as irritable bowel, diarrhea and constipation, abdominal cramping, bloating, flatulence, chronic constipation, heartburn, etc., their physician would probably just say, ‘Oh, take this’ and that would be it. So we as physicians didn’t relate to our patients that this was a problem, so they considered themselves to be totally healthy. Yet, if you look at the numbers, 89 percent of the [chronic fatigue syndrome] patients had irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea alternating with constipation, and abdominal cramping pain episodically. Another 80 percent complained of constant gas, bloating and flatulence. It’s amazing that we can all meet in this room together.” Ostrom wondered if “Jessop may have uncovered a fallacy in the prevailing wisdom of chronic fatigue syndrome: that it begins as a respiratory, flu-like illness. Instead, as she points out, it may be a digestive tract disturbance. Jessop’s statistic—that more than 80 percent of CFS patients complain of irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pain, gas, bloating, etc.—corresponds to the more than 80 percent of CFS patients who exhibit a red-to-purplish crescent-shaped lesion in their throats. (Helot, Paul, in the New York Times Long Island edition, January 14, 1992) . . . What if the digestive problems described by the CFS patients are actually caused by KS in the gastrointestinal tract? According to the AIDS Treatment News, ‘The most common HIV-related causes of gastric symptoms include KS, lymphoma, and CMV [cytomegalovirus].’ And while KS is unusual in the esophagus, it ‘may occasionally be found there.’ KS also can cause colitis and diarrhea . . . in people with AIDS.” Ostrom noted, “Gastrointestinal symptoms, it is realized in retrospect, were among the first signs of the ‘AIDS’ epidemic; and, it now seems, were also among the first symptoms seen in the CFS epidemic. That observation raises what should be a relatively simple question to answer: Are the gastrointestinal symptoms in both patient populations caused, in part, by undetected KS?”

Important information about the Kaposi’s Sarcoma problem in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Whatever happened to the concern about controlling the Kaposi's Sarcoma Virus? What about all the infected Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients? 

Is Kaposi's Sarcoma responsible for the digestive disorders in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

HHV-8 is a Kaposi's Sarcoma cancer virus in many AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients and is spread by kissing but the CDC couldn't care less.

Company founded by Robert Gallo suggests 65% of gay men are infected with Kaposi's Sarcoma virus.

Coagulation issues may link Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Kaposi's Sarcoma, and AIDS

Should Chronic Fatigue Syndrome be added to the spectrum of Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus, or Human Herpesvirus 8, Diseases?

Why Susan Levine may have done the world's most important research on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Does HHV-8 viral load raise questions about the legitimacy of HIV viral load?

Can Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients with internal Kaposi's Sarcoma pass it on to their partners?

Can most of the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome described by Paul Cheney be attributed to internal Kaposi's Sarcoma?

Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Associated Kaposi's Sarcoma (CFSKS) a diagnosis all doctors should become aware of?

Stanford University and Open Medicine Foundation should have a conference on diagnosing Kaposi's Sarcoma in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Why are doctors not looking for Kaposi's Sarcoma in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients?

If Chronic Fatigue Syndrome involves HHV-8 and Kaposi's Sarcoma, scientists will have to ask if it came from pigs.

Does the Red Blood Cell Deformability Issue Link Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Kaposi's Sarcoma and AIDS?

Will the Montoya cytokine study show that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is Kaposi's Sarcoma Inflammatory Syndrome?

Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a Kaposi's Sarcoma inflammatory cytokine syndrome?

How Kaposi's Sarcoma almost undermined the HIV theory of AIDS

How did 50% of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients become infected with a Kaposi’s Sarcoma cancer virus?

Has the moment finally come to address the issue of Kaposi's Sarcoma in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Oral Kaposi's Sarcoma looks like the Crimson Crescents in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients.

Were oral crimson crescents the first obvious sign of Kaposi's Sarcoma in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients?

Did Paul Cheney ever consider the possibility that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients have internal Kaposi's Sarcoma?

Is the red blood cell deformability issue another clue that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is also a Kaposi's Sarcoma Syndrome?

Why is nobody warned about exposure to HHV-8, the Kaposi's Sarcoma virus that even patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are sometimes infected with?

Do petechiae in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome connect it to Kaposi's Sarcoma, HHV-8, and AIDS?

Whatever is causing Kaposi's Sarcoma may be the real cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and AIDS.

A massive epidemic of Kaposi's Sarcoma may be coming.

When Kaposi's Sarcoma almost turned AIDS upside down.

Human herpesvirus 6 activates lytic cycle replication of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus.

All AIDS patients have some form of Kaposi's Sarcoma in this study. Is the same true for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Crimson crescents may suggest that all Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients have Kaposi's Sarcoma.

Do all Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients have an indolent form of Kaposi's Sarcoma?

Are these marks on the skin a sign of Kaposi’s Sarcoma in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

On autopsy, do the inflamed ganglia of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients resemble Kaposi's Sarcoma?

What people don't know about Kaposi's Sarcoma in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and AIDS.

Do all Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients show internal Kaposi's Sarcoma upon autopsy?

Here's what Phyllis Chesler said about the book:

"As the scientific establishment and mainstream media begin to take the issue of 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' or 'Myalgic Encephalomyelitis' more seriously, it is important not to forget the publisher and editor who, from 1988-1997, devoted his newspaper to bringing the issue out of the closet. Charles Ortleb's compelling history of his newspaper and the work of his pioneering CFS reporter, Neenyah Ostrom, is a must-read for anyone who wants to know the whole disturbing story of an epidemic hidden in plain sight."

We want to thank everyone who helps us get this book into the hands of people who can make a change. We look forward to a day when Congress holds hearings to explore the reasons the CDC and NIH have not devoted the necessary resources to ending the growing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic. 

Thanks to your donations, the first Senators we will send copies to:

CA Dianne Feinstein
CA Kamala D. Harris
CT Richard Blumenthal
DE Christopher A. Coons
MA Edward J. Markey  (sent)
MA Elizabeth Warren
MD Chris Van Hollen
ME Angus S. King, Jr.
MI Debbie Stabenow
NJ Cory A. Booker
NV Catherine Cortez Masto
OH Sherrod Brown
PA Robert P. Casey, Jr.
WA Maria Cantwell

Thanks to your donations, these are the first Members of the House of Representatives we will send copies to:

AZ-03 Raúl M. Grijalva
AZ-09 Kyrsten Sinema
CA-02 Jared Hoffman
CA-06 Doris Matsui
CA-11 Mark DeSaulnier
CA-13 Barbara Lee
CA-14 Jackie Speier
CA-15 Eric Swalwell
CA-18 Anna G. Eshoo
CA-19 Zoe Lofgren
CA-26 Julia Brownley
CA-33 Ted Lieu
CA-47 Alan Lowenthal
CO-06 Mike Coffman
CO-07 Ed Perlmutter
CT-05 Elizabeth H. Esty
GA-05 John Lewis
MA-02 Jim McGovern
MA-04 Joseph P. Kennedy, III
MA-05 Katherine Clark
MA-06 Seth Moulton
MA-08 Stephen F. Lynch
MD-08 Jamie Raskin
MD-02 C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger
ME-01 Chellie Pingree
NH-02 Ann McLane Kuster
NJ-12 Bonnie Watson Coleman
OH-14 David Joyce 

Thanks to your donations, these are the first prominent members of the media we will send copies to:

Tony Romm, Washington Post (sent)
Ari Shapiro (sent)
Rachel Maddow, MSNBC (already sent)
Andrew Rosenthal, New York Times (already sent)
Jane E. Brody, New York Times (sent)
Richard Berke,  STAT News (sent)
Sharon Begley,  STAT News (sent)
Jacob Silverstein, New York Times Magazine (sent)
Jessica Lustig, New York Times Magazine (sent)
Bill Wasik, New York Times Magazine (sent)
Erika Sommer, New York Times Magazine (sent)
Anderson Cooper, CNN
Chris Cuomo, CNN
David Remnick, The New Yorker (sent)
Paul Krugman, The New York Times,
Gail Collins, The New York Times
Maureen Dows, The New York Times
Frank Bruni, New York Times
Andrew Rosenthal, New York Times, (sent)

Further reading for more information on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and HHV-6 epidemic:


The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Volume Two: The Origins of Totalitarianism in Science and Medicine. 

The Closing Argument, a novella about the racial politics of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

The Stonewall Massacre, a story about the politics and social bigotry of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

The fact that the pets of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome often get the same illness is strong evidence that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is caused by a transmissible agent and is contagious threat to public health. This video discusses an important study that has been ignored by the media.


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