Help Save Samson

In the last week of June, on a day that started out just like all the days in the past leading up to this specific day, We woke up and prepared breakfast for our dog. 
A pocket Pitt bull mix called, Samson.

Samson ate while I took his brother, Ralph (a tripod corgi-beagle) out for his morning walk. When we returned, Ralph was given his breakfast while Samson and I headed out to the front yard for his turn to tend to business; walk, sniff, and bathroom time. As we returned home the dogs relaxed, and I went about my work day from home, as per usual.

It was within the hour that I heard what sounded like Samson throwing up, which was in fact what had happened. It was his breakfast that I had given him that morning before his walk, completely undigested. I thought to myself; this happens, sometimes the dogs eat too fast, he just upset his stomach. 
I checked him out, and while he seemed a little shook up, he drank some water which I thought then was a good sign.
Twenty minutes later, I hear him throw up again, more undigested food. He drinks more water and is panting heavily. He goes to lay down, and everything appears to have calmed for the moment when he gets up abruptly. As I follow him, he stops and goes to the bathroom (#1) in the house; unlike him. 
Now, I know something is wrong.  I call our local vet and schedule a time to bring him in that day.  Samson is standing in front of the door, so I take him outside, he throws up again and has severe diarrhea. 
We get to the vet where they take his blood for tests, give him two different shots to coat his stomach and stop nausea. They ask me to collect urine and stool sample and to bring it back the next day. We go back home, and an exhausted Samson heads over to his bed where he lays until it's time to take him outside to go to the bathroom. I collect the stool sample - solid black.

The next morning, Samson wakes us up at sunrise to let us know he needs to go outside to use the bathroom.
I collect the urine sample, and once the vet opens, I drop off both samples and wait to hear back for the results. Samson is still not doing well. The next time we go outside I see that his stool is still black. At this point, I haven't heard from the vet yet with the results, so I call the office to request follow-up.
The Dr. whom we initially saw calls me back the following evening at 9:00 pm to tell me how great it was that all of the tests she had taken for Samson came back normal. I inquire as to why his stool would still be black, that I did some research on the internet and found that black stool is the result of digesting blood, meaning internal bleeding. She explains to me that there are varying reasons as to why his stool is black. That they did test for parasites, and the test came back negative. And, that if he still isn't doing well tomorrow, I should call another hospital to schedule an appointment for him to have an ultrasound and that was the "best" next step to take... I thanked her for her time.
That night, we decide to take Samson, who is glossy eyed, drooling in a daze and declining treats, to the 24-hour pet vet emergency room. 
We arrive at the University of Pennsylvania - Ryan Hospital for Companion Animals and within the half hour, the Dr. calls us in to explain to us that Samson is seriously sick and with our consent, he would go into the ICU where they can perform an emergency ultrasound and a radiology exam. 
We sign him in and head home. 
We receive a follow-up call at 5:30 am where the Dr. tells us that Samson's health is in critical condition and they were heading into emergency surgery.  Later we were made aware that inside Samson's stomach, they found a perforated ulcer, an additional hole in his stomach lining, and a "foreign body" - which ended up being a round piece of plastic the size of a sand dollar. Needless to say, serious internal bleeding. 

Samson has been in the ICU for nearly ten days. 

I have decided to create this fundraiser page to ask for help. 
Help to save Samson's life and to bring Samson home. I hope that when reading our story and seeing this request, the sincerity of my plea will come through.  This experience continues to teach me about unconditional love, nature, patience, strength, and humility in ways I have never experienced before. 

Most importantly, we want everyone who does read this to know that this request for help is not limited to receiving financial support. We need all the help we can receive, and that includes PRAYER, WELL WISHES, GOOD THOUGHTS -however you do what you do when you need too. SAGE, CANDLES LIT, CRYSTAL RITUALS, HOLY WATER, all of it. 
We need your support. Support for Samson and support for our family.
If nothing else, please share our story. Share this page or link on your social media accounts and encourage your family, friends, and followers to do the same. The more people who read this and are wishing well for our #1 son the more healing energy Samson will receive.  
Please share what you can for Samson and I personally, and on behalf of my entire family will be eternally and spiritually grateful for your gestures of hope and kindness.

We appreciate your time, and whether you know it or not; we love you already.  


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