Robyn's Oral Surgery! Ouch!

I have to have oral surgery to remove several teeth, as my oral surgeon warned, "before they make you sick." It's going to be unpleasant and will probably take me off the air for (I hope) only a little bit, but there's no way to know until it happens.

Here are the details: the surgery, itself, that is, the initial procedure, will cost five thousand dollars ($5,000.00). The remainder is to cover the reconstructive procedures for implants that will be installed over the course of the coming year along with enough to keep bills paid in the event I can't broadcast for awhile, which, given that we're talking about oral surgery on multiple teeth, coupled with the time required to heal and the fact that what I do is talk, will likely put the program on hiatus for some amount of time.

I'd rather not being doing this, but this is a medical necessity and, like 27,000,000 or so other Americans, I'm between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: can't get Medicaid and can't afford Affordable Care Act coverage. Even if I had it, though, it still wouldn't cover this procedure or the prosthetics necessary to let me keep doing what I do. As a bonus, it would be nice to stop hurting every day of my life. I've tried everything I know before doing this, and this is where I nonetheless find myself. 

I am, however,  happy to offer an incentive: everyone who kicks in $120 or more will receive and gen-you-wine HORN coffee mug, signed by me as a token of my, and my family's heartfelt gratitude. 

Thank-you for taking time to read this and for any help you can provide. Please stay safe and healthy.


P.S. As an aside, I started this campaign before I had reached the decision to come out as trans and announce it to the world, hence the odd disparity with regard to previous images, not to mention my name.
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