Robert’s Rescues: FIV prevention and care - Brazil

Robert’s Rescues: FIV prevention and care in Brazil. 

Robert was rescued 14 months ago after 7 long years of suffering on the streets, as a result of facing prejudice because of being FIV+ he started #clubefiv an online group to bring FIV+ cats together, and a project called ‘Corrente do Bem’ (Pay It Forward) to slow the spread of the disease through castration as well as help other FIV+ cats from the same colony of street cats where he was born. This campaign is in support of that project.

Recently Robert and his family had been helping his FIV+ friend Téo for whom unfortunately rescue came too late, and he sadly passed away. The R$447 (AUD$165) left over after Téo’s medical bills had been paid, has kickstarted this new campaign.

Objective 1:

Castrate as many cats as possible from the colony where Robert was born and contracted FIV. This will reduce the spread of FIV and heavily decrease the number of homeless and suffering cats born into this quite frankly, depressing 

In the first instance we plan to castrate 25-30 cats.  Robert’s adoptive father has donated half the cost of this, to the value of R$1300. This campaign aims to raise the balance of R$1300 or AUD$475

All cats castrated under the program are posted on Robert’s Instagram @bob_o_fenix_felino to shine a light on those who are suitable for adoption.

Objective 2:
Support: FIV+ cats from the colony have been meeting a sad and painful end as the volunteers don’t have the financial means to even buy enough food for the close to 100 cats in the colony, much less pay for medical treatment for the FIV+ cats.


We can’t save everyone, but Robert’s success story has inspired a volunteer to open their home to one of his friends Vovô (Grandpa). Vovô has recently been taken off the streets and into foster care. He has a similar mouth condition to Robert (Robert has had oral surgery and medication he is now thriving) and a skin condition. The most urgent matter is his mouth as some days he is in too much pain to eat. Vovô cannot start treatment until we raise R$2800 for him.

Revolution R$69, Dermatologist  R$150, Skin Tests R$300, Pre Operative Blood Tests R$250, Dentist R$200, Dental Surgery  R$1200, Medication R$300, Healthy Food R$200, Safety Net for unexpected expenses R$200.

Vovô Total: R$2869 or AUD$1049


We aim to get this sweet natured FIV+ and doubly prejudiced black cat, off the streets and into treatment (in Brazil black cats face huge prejudice and those living on the streets are at constant risk of mutilation or death).  As yet his exact needs are unknown but will hopefully not include tooth extraction, so we are setting a budget of R$1669.

Revolution R$69, Vet or Dermatologist  R$150, Skin/ Other Tests R$300, Blood Tests R$250, Dentist R$200, Medication R$300, Healthy Food R$200, Safety Net for unexpected expenses R$200.

Lelepe Total: R$1669 AUD$610.

Objective 3:

Caring for the community:

We don’t want to focus only on FIV and leave the other members of the colony starving, so we would like to raise R$960 or AUD$351 to buy 100 kilos of dry food for the cats that are not lucky enough to be rescued. This is not just helping the cats, but also lifting a huge weight off the shoulders of the volunteers who have selflessly fed these cats for over 8 years, despite barely making ends meet in their own homes!

In a nutshell: 

Total costs R$8098, offline donations received R$1777, leaving a balance of R$6321 or AUD$2388 (USD$1616) inc Go Fund Me Fees and Charges.

To recap, reaching this goal will:

- Save and treat two seriously unwell FIV+ cats who will then be adopted out.
- Castrate 25-30 street cats, preventing the spread of FIV and greatly reducing the population of homeless cats in the colony.
-Sustain the colony for 1 month through a donation of 100 kilos of dry food.
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