"I am Dolphin" Educational Series

Futurist and quantum physicist Buckminster Fuller believed that, "Dolphins may well be carrying information as well as functions critical to the regeneration of life upon our planet."

Invitation Clip to "I am Dolphin" (in 2014)...

"Only when we honor and preserve our sacred past, can we fully embrace the present and move gallantly towards our future." ~ Dolphingirl

The "I am Dolphin" Series is sharing the unfolding story of remembering who we are and our original connections with nonhuman animals and Nature.
A wave of being "aquatic" super-heroes in our own lives by "returning our Halos."
Our "halos" are the water bonds we have in our cell memories, down to our DNA, which often remain dormant... our "aquatic coding." Like a snowflake.

How is this possible?

By diving "beneath the waves of holographic communications" into the world of dolphins and whales.
Why their world?
Because they're just like us, except they've been using telecommunications and their "breath" consciously for over 30 - 40 million years.

We'll be discovering:
* our 1st language ~ the secret language of silence
*  what makes a dolphin a dolphin ~ 3D living and virtual reality
* our nature with Nature ~ the science of life
* picture talking ~ the power behind interspecies communications and telecommunications
* connectivity ~ ancient methods for modern times
* the beauty of buoyancy ~ why hope floats
* music is the sea ~ harmonics
* the power of memories ~ remembering who we are for happy and healthier lives
* upside down thinking ~ from a me to we mentality
* waves of aloha, with the theme of "keep swimming until we grow a tail."
* honoring ancient cultures into modern times

And so much more!

This is our chance back into the "remembering."
"Deep within the oceans and in our subconscious lies the "dream of humanity"... feelings of connectiveness and being a part of something bigger than ourselves."
~ I am Dolphin

We are sharing this DNA of "leaving a legacy in our lifetime", a  paramount desire in what we, a company, or a country are all desiring to leave behind.
Feelings that our lives made a difference. Touched other lives. And mattered.
You may be wondering, do you even matter in the big scheme of things?
Everything is designed and created to matter, just by SOUND alone.
Why music (the harmonics of a wave) and the ocean are both able to rock our world!

"I am Dolphin, beneath the waves of holographic communications" is offering us the opportunities and solutions to our modern day challenges.
By entering "the dolphin memory movement", we'll be re-discovering digital communications with the experts, dolphins and whales.
Their perspectives and world to ours.
Short version: Nature talking in "supersized" mode.
A path of math and music...
And evolutionary, just like us!

* Protecting biodiversity with Nature
* Educational, uplifting, and inspiring
* Boosting awareness, self esteem, and motivation through insights into our connectivity
* Reactivating the "DESIGNS" we already have in our memories and DNA
* Accessing the things we love and care about in life
* Reducing cruelty
* Leaving a legacy for future generations

Why have nonhuman animals (and human) captivity when we can have cell regeneration for our planet?
Naturally, a healthier planet now and for future generations to come!

Imagine "Avatar" blended with "The Cove", a redemptive and inspiring journey of hope and discovery through our divine connections with life.
This will be available in multi-platforms such as:  tv, film, internet, books, social media, lectures, and upcoming eco-tour, "The Dolphin Smile."

~ Crowdfunding Details ~

Budget of $15,000:

1. Finishing and publishing Volume 1 of the "I am Dolphin" series in e-book form, companion piece to the film series (book cover above.)

2. Educational Outreach ~ "The Dolphin Smile" Tour and online Academy.
Preparing an educational eco-awareness movement engaging individuals and communities into "the dolphin wave", sharing science + stories + soul, with the active theme of "experiencing creation and connection"; all from the "I am Dolphin" series.

3. Creating "SEA memory" cards for awareness and into the "We are the Ocean" book. (CARDS finished)

4. Reformatting "Dolphin Talk" (ebook) for printing paperback copies (200 copies to be given away.)
This is the first book in "The Divine Age" series of "interspecies communication."

5. Finish and publish "Shine and Be Kind" in e-book (children's book version of "Dolphin Talk".)

6. PR , marketing. and crowdfunding outreach with sponsoring partners and support for the Eco-Tour and "bonus porpoise" projects.

7. June, 2016 (COMPLETED)
* Attended the FilmCom conference (travel/expenses)
* Pitching the "series" (booth set up/materials)
* PR and Marketing

~ Bonus Porpoise with Sponsors ~ Future Projects ~

wish list / the future is now

* "I am Dolphin" paperback publication and printing
* Lectures and Events ~ "The Dolphin Smile" Tour,
Tedx Talks, and many others
* "I am Dolphin" docufiction movie (preproduction/production)
* "The Dolphin State" (interactive**)
* PR and Marketing

"Our Oceanic Dream"... IS a reflection of the search for "The Loneliest Whale", because we are all longing to be re-connected in tangible ways, like our mammal counterparts living in the seas.

Together, we do make a difference.
Thank-you again for being such a wonderful part of the "I am Dolphin" series, and dolphin movement!

Ocean love and gratitude!
Dove and the "I am Dolphin" team

10% of proceeds going to:
Ric O'Barry's #DolphinProject
(10% went to Scott Rhodes 4 financial burdens of cancer, passed away in April, 2017)


Let's not wait to ask...
"Where do we go when there is no more trees that breath, ocean waves to feel, birds that fly, and animals reminding us to be alive?” ~ Dolphingirl

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** Under bonus features, a newly designed interactive state, called “The Dolphin State”, will allow the participator with a unique opportunity to be "touched by a dolphin."

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